Have you thought of a name yet?

Why yes. Yes we have. 

Lots of thinking. Lots of discussions. 
And we have a name for this little cherub I’m carrying along on life’s journey. 
Easton Wayne

We went back and forth between Easton Wayne and Wyatt Lee and took suggestions from family and friends like Truett, Brooks, Levi, Austin, Carter, Cash, and Judson. I really love them all but long ago when we fell in love and talked about a family, marriage, and our future we talked about names…and this is a name we’ve always loved. It was fun to consider new names and suggestions from our loved ones but we just kept coming back to Easton. We started calling him Easton on our trip out west and today we tell the world. 
I’m not thrilled that it’s a name consideration for stupid Kanye and Kim but I’m hoping they aren’t ridiculous enough to actually name their child Easton West. If they do….so be it. I’d rather not even know!

On Monday we got to see Easton again and today he has baked for 28 weeks! He’s the size of a tropical coconut. 

 Time is flying by and the thought of only 12 weeks to go makes me a little nauseous. 
Check out his luscious lips!
And this one is a tad creepy, but also adorable. I believe he’s smiling at us saying HAHA I’m about to rock your world!
This doctors appointment was complicated.  And long. We had an ultrasound and I was excited to check on Easton but unfortunately he hasn’t moved away from the opening of the cervix and I’m still on pelvic rest. Hopefully in 4 weeks when we check again he will have moved. That’s all we can hope and pray for! There are risks with placenta previa but these are things to discuss closer to time and although the C word for labor was mentioned I’m still praying he can arrive in this beautiful world through the exit I’d imagined he would. I’ve realized if he can’t, it’s more important that he come out safely. 
Then I had to drink the ever dreaded glucola. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It was orange and thick and I chugged it as quickly as I could. I thought it would make me throw up but more than anything I wanted to get the taste out of my mouth with a couple of swigs of water…and couldn’t. Nope, not allowed. 
An hour later my blood was drawn and the negative Nelly I’ve been lately was convinced I would get the result and have to return for the 3 hour test. Great news! Found out yesterday I aced that test! No gestational diabetes!

Then back up to the doctors office for a Tdap vaccine and my RH- shot….which is a shot in the butt, by the way. A long, painful shot. Awful. No fun at all. Bonus: I get to do it again postpartum. Fun!
So I shed a few tears after the long appointment and asked my husband if we could start rolling the ball on new car shopping. New to me, car.  We knew it would have to happen before Easton for more room. It was just a matter of time.  
Took one home and two days later…..it’s mine!  I love it. An Acadia and so many bells and whistles I’m totally not use to. Feels like luxury!
Now I can ride in style in my mommy ride!
This week my goodies I ordered from the BIG sale through Oshkosh arrived and I’m so in love. This might be hard to believe but these are the first new clothes I’ve purchased for Easton. To be very honest with you, he does NOT need clothes. Between this purchase, I’m sure the gifts he will get from his loved ones, and the loads of hand me downs from his best friend Walker and cousin Brody….he is totally set. 
But check out these adorable outfits…
A shirt to be a mini daddy. 
Then there’s this super cute coat from Papaw and Mamaw P. He’s totally ready to style it this winter and will look so handsome!

We had a wonderful time at my cousins wedding and on the same day Easton’s cousin, Jack, was born! Such an exciting day!
The hubs and I enjoyed date night and getting dressed up. 
His room is coming right along thanks to daddy!
Beautiful gray walls. 
Beautiful barn wood crib
Beautiful vintage dresser from Marshmallow Monkey for such a steal!

Then daddy surprised me with a new ceiling fan too!

And I found myself for the first time taking advantage of this dude. 
I’ve tried to avoid taking up this space in the event there’s something way more pregnant than me needing it. But then I felt I needed it. It was hot. I was over the day already at 10 am and I needed a dress for the wedding. So, I used it. 
I hope everyone has had a fabulous week. 
I bet you are all looking forward to this 3 day weekend as much as I am!
I plan to do a little nursery organization, spend time with my husband if he isn’t working, spend time with family, and relax in the pool. 
Truly fortunate, 

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