31 weeks

Getting to 31 weeks had a little more excitement than I would have liked but we are there and Easton is great and so am I. 

It’s been a bit of a rough week, but I’m blessed and thankful that everyone is okay and we made it to 31 weeks. 
I’ve had some work issues which caused a sleepless night or two and some stress.  Luckily, that’s over. 
Then it was so amazing to see Easton in 4D at an ultrasound on Tuesday. I know we are biased but he’s perfect. He’s precious.  He seems to be a thumb sucker and has the most precious lips and chubby nose you’ve ever seen. 
It was so incredible to see him move around, pose for us, smirk a little, and try and suck his thumb. It makes me want him here so much more. I can’t wait to meet him in person!
Yesterday officially marked 31 weeks and what a day it was. 
Easton is now the size of lettuce and a foam finger.  Seriously, the app says a foam finger.  I swear who ever comes up with that stuff has a seriously unique imagination. 
Just as I was headed out the door of school to head home, prop my feet up, and grade some papers before a girls dinner at Melting Pot I slipped and fell. Someone left some puddles of water on the floor and I ended up doing some form of the splits and landing on part of my knee and my butt and hip. Ouch! 
Immediate tears for fear and shock of what I’d just done to the baby. Got myself up and called the boss to see if I was okay to leave or had to fill out official paperwork first. Called the doctor on my way home…just in case and shortly after I was on my way to the hospital per doctors orders. I had no idea it was going to go that far. 
I’m a planner and none of this was in my plans for last night. 
Called the husband of course and he met me at the hospital. They had me hooked up to monitors by the time he arrived and I started to calm down and not panic so much when I could hear his heartbeat. Easton slowly started to move around and I thought I would be in and out of there in just a few hours. 
God had other plans for me and I believe it was probably part of a reality check I needed. Slow down and take care of myself kind of thing. 
Those beds are not comfortable and there was nothing on TV. Not to mention I suck at relaxing. 

About an hour on the monitor and contractions began. Little ones. Not even real painful at all. Just a slight twinge of pain. The problem was they weren’t going away and they were getting closer and closer together. This is when I really started to panic. Total panic. 
We had an amazing nurse, who I’m totally requesting when we go back to actually deliver. She was loving but truthful. When she came in to tell us they wanted to check my cervix and run a predictor test I knew we weren’t going home soon. 
Cervix checked and I’ll spare you the details of that. Checked out good. 
Then a predictor test to see if I’d be going into labor in the next two weeks. This was rough. Not only painful but also an hour of waiting to hear if it was positive or negative. 
An hour of thinking….we are totally not ready for you little man!
An hour of tears and wondering how we could make this all work.  I knew we could. I prayed and He comforted me a bit. I still worried because it’s nearly impossible for me not to, but I knew that if it came back negative we would make it all work with the help of family and friends and if it came back positive I needed to rest and take care of myself a little better. 
It was NEGATIVE and I sobbed and thanked God and Easton’s own little guardian angel for the negative result. 
I couldn’t have never prevented that fall so it had nothing to do with taking care of myself. However, I do need to make sure I do my very best to take care of Easton and bringing him into this world as safely as possible. 
My husband was amazing. Loving and caring as usual. I was scared and couldn’t have done it without him. I know it all panicked him a bit, too, but he was right there beside me the entire time just like he’s always been. I’m so lucky. 
We got home after midnight and I’ve spent the day resting and relaxing. Quite sore from the fall but feeling him kick quite often and knowing that taking it easy for the day is perfectly fine. It’s always a pain to make sub plans and not be at work….but sometimes it’s necessary. I’m thankful for an amazing coworker, Jordan, who is super supportive!
My sweet husband brought me my favorite breakfast with his own sweet message. 
He loves to make me smile. 
I can’t wait for my baby shower this weekend and just one more week of work to get through before two weeks of fall break. 
Not that I’m counting down or anything…..Ha!

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