32 weeks

This week went MUCH better than last week. MUCH!

We are 32 weeks along and he’s around the size of a
Or a 

We had an appointment Monday. Just a regularly scheduled appointment plus an ultrasound to check the status of my partial placenta previa. We high fived when she told us the placenta had moved and we were no longer previa status!  Yay! No more “pelvic rest.”
Buuuuut his measurements. Oh my. 
Right now this boy is measuring big. 
A head measuring at 33-35 weeks and 94th%ile in weight. This boy is give or take 4 pounds and 9 oz. I’m leaning towards the “take” part. I’m hoping he continues to grow into a healthy baby but at a steady rate. The thought of birthing a 10 pound baby is a bit scary. 
Forgot to mention class last week. We had loads of fun (sarcasm) practicing birthing positions and breathing techniques. All I could think was 1) I’m not gonna remember any of this when the time comes and 2) if I can’t get down and out of these positions at 31 weeks I’m fairly certain I won’t be able to closer to 40 weeks. It was real nice when we got to the position where we both had to get on the floor. I’m sure the whole class enjoyed watching us get up! Nearly impossible! I think most of those positions are for gals opting out of an epidural….and that’s not this chic. My opinion – God made someone smart enough to create an epidural. Why would I deny myself of that creation? There’s one chic in or class who says she is going without. I applaud her. I’d also like to do a follow up and see how well that worked for her….but I won’t. 
This weeks class we discussed medication options (yay!), C section, and took a tour of the maternity ward. It is scary to watch an epidural be administered (via video) and listening to possible side effects of all options. It is for sure scary. It still didn’t change my mind though!  We had the chance to take a look at forceps, vacuums, and other possible devices used to get the little cherubs out. I would hope none of that is necessary, including the C Section. However, I’m smart enough to also know that whatever is the safest way to get Easton out is OK with me!  As for the maternity ward, we felt like experts having just spent 8 hours there the week prior. 
We have one more week of classes to
wrap it up and I’m in full nesting mode for fall break!

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