A Family Addition

Today’s the day! The day my brother says “I Do” and the day I gain a sister-in-law. The day my nephew gains a mom. The day our family grows by one. The day an angel smiles from above knowing all her children have found love, happiness, and forever. 

He will always be my brother, but he’s went from dad to husband in the blink of an eye. 
I have so many fond memories growing up. Some are a bit painful considering the torment and torture he loved to inflict upon me being your typical older brother. He use to tell me I was adopted. He use to scare me through our adjoining closet doors by pretending to be the beast, Vincent. I lost my first tooth biting him..I’m sure a bit of a revenge for something.  
These were some of those sweeter moments our parents captured. 
I love these pictures. We may not have been super close in age but I’ve always looked up to him. Always will. 
He’s wise and brilliant. He’s strong and tough. He’s a lovely combination of our sweet mother and caring father. He has an ornery grin that always reminds me of my grandpa. He’s a damn hard worker. 

For many years I’ve hope and wished my brother could find true love. Someone to spend the rest of his life with. Someone to complete his little family. Someone to build on to his family with. I’m so happy he’s found that with her. 
I can’t wait to celebrate them in just a few short hours. 
Love you both. 

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