Little Man’s Room

Here’s a peek inside our little man’s room….
Before….it was dark and dreary and empty….
And After…..
And a new dresser from The Marshmallow Monkey in Franklin…
I had wanted to paint it red or blue but once it was in the room the white vintage look was perfect with the barn wood crib!
The fan before…..
And a new fan after….
Added a shelf to his closet for more space and all those little clothes!

Took an old bookshelf….

And the hubby made it match the dresser…
And after!!!!
My sister made the banner as a decoration for my shower but I couldn’t resist using it for E’s room. It’s adorable and even the little ties are tractors and match perfectly with his bedding. 
Speaking of bedding…
All of the bedding was specially made from a lady on Etsy. I had so much trouble finding a nursery bedding I liked in a regular store. I’m so glad I found someone who could make just what I was dreaming of and even more blessed my sister took the reigns in setting it up so that it was all purchased from my family and friends and I didn’t need to worry about a thing!

The canvases are something I made as an idea from Etsy and a way to save some money. I found the prints for $65
And decided I could probably find the images online, cut them out carefully, and trace around them with pencil on a canvas.  
Then I found paint to match the tractor fabric in his bedding and painted around the image I had traced. 
It cost me around $8 total at Hobby Lobby when the canvases were on sale.  

We added some gray “black out” curtains behind the valances just for those moments the sun is still out and I can trick my sweet baby into thinking it’s night time. 
A special place for photos to change out and a very special sign painted by my cousin, Codi, made from barn wood from a grandparents old barn. Also special!  The little tractor on the crate was something from my husbands room when he was a little boy and I just found that out today. So glad we held on to that because it works perfectly in Easton’s room. 
Something my mom and I always use to say back and forth and back and forth was “love you more” and I love this homemade sign by my friend, Michelle.  It goes perfectly over this jam packed closet full of overwhelmingly cute clothes. 
Here’s a close up of the pictures I have hanging so far and the wire tractor.  I especially enjoy the love notes from his cousins and have one more to hang that I just remembered. The littles are always making him things, especially Brody. He’s all about creating books and projects and cards and always has something to give me. I’m so sentimental and that stuff goes straight to my heart and is kept forever. I figure when he graduates high school and I can make him an album of everything he’s ever made me. And who knows, this may be a phase and they may be the only special things he makes me!
The sign Codi made was another idea from Pinterest and Etsy, but again….so expensive. I’m so glad she made it special because it has a much better story. 
My sister also had this little piece handmade and it says “Diggin’ since 2015” 
It will make the perfect cake topper for all of his birthdays.  He’s a super lucky boy to have an aunt who has impeccable shopping tendencies and is practically the best gift giver in the world!
We took an old bookshelf and the hubs painted it white with chalk paint to match the dresser.  It holds all the amazing books his friends and family have purchased and his momma and poppa will enjoy reading to him. The baskets will eventually hold more goodies (love these baskets from Target). 
The old ladder I purchased from a friend and it holds all of our special blankets.  Blankets that were Mikey’s baby blankets. A blanket that my mom had started and has been passed down to each of her grandchildren with a special touch by her best friend. A blanket made by mom’s best friend that is the softest thing in the world! A special sign stating the bible verse that is so near and dear to my heart and kept me going when it felt like I was never going to get pregnant (I was so impatient) “For this child I have prayed”
The baby monitor is set up and ready to go and a ruler to mark all of Easton and his siblings heights as they grow throughout life. 
His room is ready to go and now if I could get my emotions in check and calm down a bit I might be ready too. Anxiety is real. My emotions are running a rampage and sleepless nights are the name of the game for this chic because I simply can’t turn my brain off.  I’m so stressed. I’m so worried. I want everything to be perfect in a situation that I already know won’t be (and that’s ok) and I cannot stop stressing. 
We are less than 6 weeks away from little man’s arrival and I’m fairly certain that besides picking up a breast pump, buying bottles, and a few other little things…we are completely ready. Birth plan typed up. Hospital bag checklist typed. Bags beginning to be packed. 
Willi I ever feel ready for all of this?
Probably not. 
For now I’ll just sit in his nursery and try to keep calm. I’ll enjoy all the hard work my husband has put into this one little room. I’ll admire his dedication to this sweet angel we’ve always wanted and never met. It’s all going to be alright. It’s going to be perfect for us. The two of us will become three and this family we’ve always wanted together will finally become the real deal. He tells me everything is going to be fine and somewhere deep in my heart I know he’s right and I thank God he’s mine because he is most definitely my better half and I don’t know what in the world I would do without him. 

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