34 Weeks

Easton is 34 weeks along today. 

He’s the size of a cabbage
Or a basketball hoop? 

We’ve had a very busy week getting to this point.  

Easton’s Unkie Josh got married last week so Easton officially gained a new aunt.  This momma tried wearing normal shoes but ended up in house slippers by the end of the night.  This whole shoes thing and swollen feet is really depressing. I love fall weather and my boots and only one pair fits comfortably and those are the ones that look like Uggs. 
Me and the hubs got a little slow dancing in but it wasn’t as comfortable as it use to be. My belly sure gets in the way of a lot of things!
Check out those cankles. Sexy, huh?
Love spending my Saturday mornings watching this girl and Kynsey on the volleyball court. They both are loving the game and they’ve grown so much this season. 

We thought now was probably the best time to get maternity photos done with cousin Codi.  So we traveled to Bloomington and Sniloh met a new friend, Nash.  We got Shiloh in a few shots and while she’s not the most cooperative photographic canine…she’s probably not the worst either. We took pictures at an old limestone mill.  What an amazing location!
Can’t wait to see all the shots!
I’ve had MANY sleepless nights. Which is sad considering I’m on fall break.  I should be getting loads of sleep, but I can’t. 
Sleepless nights = one crying, crazy pregnant lady
Feel sorry for my sweet husband.  He typically bears the brunt of it.  When I do lay in bed I start on my left side unless I need to see the TV and Easton always hangs out on my left side. As you can see my belly is often lopsided. 
At our doctors appointment on Monday my doctor advised me to take Tylenol PM. I literally cried when she gave me the “all clear”. Since then it has helped….a little. It’s just so hard to get comfortable.  Then when I do get comfortable I have to pee. Then when I have to get up and pee it’s painful to move.  Then the anxiety sets in when I try and fall back asleep. I’m anxious about everything that’s about to happen. I’m excited, but anxious. 
I’ve spent so much of my fall break working on the anxiety. Trying to keep myself busy and feel “ready” for what’s about to happen. 
I’ve been crafting for his room.  Shopping for some necessities we don’t have yet. 
This particular craft saved us about $55
On Etsy I found these cute prints for his room…
But instead of dropping $65 I decided to get some canvases and paint my own little farm animals. 
I’ve enjoyed fall break and I am NOT ready to return on Monday.  I’ve spent 2 days of my break at school making lesson plans for now through Christmas Break. This has me fully prepared for a maternity leave sub and makes me feel a lot better about the next 6 weeks before my due date. 
We spent a little time at the Children’s Museum getting some things ready for an upcoming field trip with my school cherubs. 
The littles got to meet the TMNT and Easton had his first carousel ride.  Seeing me get up and down from that carousel horse must have been a real treat for the others at the museum.  

Overall I truly can’t believe it’s already been 34 weeks. It has flown by and although I’m uncomfortable and a bit sleepy, I’d like it to slow down a little because I know life is seriously about to change….big time. 

So much has already changed and I can’t believe we are nearing the end. 
I’ve got swollen hands and not able to put my wedding ring back on after a massage today. 
He’s having hiccups at least 2-3 times a day and it’s the neatest feeling ever. 
It took everything I had in me to make the bed today after washing all the bedding.  Complete exhaustion.  What has happened? 
I waddle more than walk and I’m going to miss my ponytails and yoga pants when I return to work.  
I guess on the bright side of things, going back to work is just the next step closer to meeting my baby. I still can’t believe I’m having a baby!

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