35 weeks

P5 weeks to go

5 weeks of panic and uncertainty and EXCITEMENT!
This weeks he’s about the size of a 
Or a 
In the last week we have….
Had a sleepover with 2 of the littles in E’s room. I know these will be harder to have in just a few weeks as we make adjustments to an entirely new life!  I soaked it all in and loved every minute. Especially the bath time. I can’t wait to have bath time every night with my own sweet one. 
We took Miss Shiloh to the vet and the groomer. It was her first time ever to the groomer and she was less than thrilled that they sent her home with a beautiful bandana. Her fur felt so wonderful. Her nails were beautifully trimmed. Her ears and teeth cleaned. She’s ready to meet her baby brother. 
We finished his room! 
I returned to work from fall break. I accomplished so much at work in two days of my break but still came back to these massive to do lists. Conquering a little at a time and doing the best I can!
We attended a breastfeeding class. Super informative and a wonderful instructor that I hope to see again as a lactation consultant when we deliver. A great video to help illustrate proper latch and hold techniques and answered a ton of my questions.  As we left I said, “Well that’s probably the most boobs you’ve seen in a while.” To which my loving husband responded, “It’s the most boobs I’ve ever seen in my life!”
Ya right!  He isn’t fooling me. But the thought and sentiment is sweet. 
We discussed how long I would like to breastfeed on the way home and I’m shooting for a year hoping to be successful. I know the hardest part will be returning to work and finding time and a place to pump during our busy school day. I’m sure I can figure it out! I’m definitely glad we attended. 
The film I practiced with cracked me up with his shirt….
We also learned that Shiloh does spend some of her day in Easton’s room grabbing blankets to cuddle with. She’s a blanket hoarder and likes to take them from anywhere in the house and move them to where she prefers to lay. It’s something she’s started doing in the last year. I won’t complain because it is way better than eating trash or eating the new couch. 
Back to work means swollen feet. I try to stay off them but it’s really hard with my job. Unfortunately I’m limited to these slippers, those super attractive fake Ugg boots that the ladies love and men hate, and flip flops. 
I still can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has flown. It’s very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time!
As I loom forward to the holidays I know these holidays will be the best yet. We will have our own little family to celebrate and share traditions with. My sweet hubs has always been supportive of holiday traditions and making memories and I can’t wait to see the excitement in his eyes when we get to share it all with Easton. 
Truly fortunate!

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