Showered with Love

We’ve been so blessed and showered with love from so many. 

First we had a little gathering with the husbands family and Easton received so many wonderful gifts. 

Michael learning to read again 🙂 

Cutest diaper cake ever full of green and yellow John Deere favorites!

Aunt Theresa

Aunt Jan and Jessica

The Scotts and Reeds!

Aunt Terri

Cousin Melissa

The Grandma to Be and Daddy to Be

Grandma’s best friends

The whole gang! 

Thank you to everyone in hubby’s family for a wonderful shower!

A few weeks later my sister and best friends got together to throw a huge shower full of family and friends.  They went all out!

My favorite Joyce cookies! 

Pictures of both of us as babies

Each table worked on Easton’s first alphabet book.  Can’t wait to read it!

My gift givers

Reading these advice cards was hilarious and emotional for me.
Loved it!

A cake to match his bedding. 

My sister bought this and it will make the perfect cake topper for all his future birthdays!


Friends that are family!


Piles and piles of presets.  Oh my!

Two of my favorite ladies….one who is very shy!

Family In Laws!

Aunts and Cousins!

Aunts and my favorite mentor teacher!


I love my best friend, Meg!

Little Miss Kynsey

Brody’s belly hugs are the best but I sure do miss being able to pick him up!

Grandma visited this shower too!

Love these girls

My favorite niece, Shailynn!

Sweet baby Jack, Easton’s cousin, was tuckered out most of the time.  

My audience for gifts was quite hilarious!  Lots of helpers.  

A very special blanket passed down from grandchild to grandchild with a special touch from mom’s best friend, Patty. 

A special sign from cousin Codi!

This crew pulled off an amazing shower!  I am so blessed! 

These two.
Don’t know what I would do without them.  

Best friends.

Momma Patty

Brody loves to be in pictures!

Mamaw Sandy

Jeffer’s party rocked!

Aunt Holly

Aunt Cathy and Aunt Beth

THANK YOU to everyone who was able to come and even those who couldn’t make it.  It was a busy time of year, especially for so many of my farming families.  I appreciate each and every one of you more than you’ll ever know.  I left feeling oh so blessed that Easton is coming into this world welcomed by some amazing women (and their families) and already so loved.

You’ll never know how much all of you mean to me and how you get me through each day.

Love to all!

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