Photo Shoot!

Over Fall Break we went down to Bloomington to visit my sweet little cousin, Codi.  
She is super talented in so many ways, especially behind the camera. 
She took us to an extremely unique old mill in Bloomington for a few photos of the ever growing belly with our sweet pup, Shiloh.  
Take a look!
I had a little fun editing with PicMonkey too….

This shot took FOREVER to try and attempt.
It never quite worked out the way I had envisioned but Codi did the best she could!
Look at those little baby Toms!

My husband loves a good bridge.
Although you can’t totally see the bridge in the background it is there and I must have been sitting high on this log because I’m not taller than him!

He hates this photo but I think it’s adorable. 

I could kiss him all day every day!

I love love love this sign “For this child I have prayed” from a sweet coworker.
So true, so true.
(and something I have to keep remembering as I lose sleep from this uncomfortable bulge and constant urination!)

Thank you Codi for the amazing pictures!
We are so blessed to capture this moment before Easton arrives.  One last family photo shoot before baby boy!

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