36 weeks

This is starting to really fly by. 

And I heard the song today “You’re Gonna Miss This” and bawled like a baby. I do that a lot. 
In my car. 
I am going to miss this. Right now Easton is safe inside and even though I can’t sleep and feel like I’m going crazy…I’m going to miss this. 
Today he’s the size of 
Or a
I use to love my cabbage patch dolls! Still probably have one somewhere! I’ll probably sneak one in for E despite what his dad says. Boys can play with baby dolls, right?
This week leading up to 36 involved more nesting. This time it was expensive but so well worth it. One of my Pinterest pins suggested stocking up on household items to avoid, or try to avoid, going out once baby arrives. 
We made a trip to Sam’s Club and dropped a pretty penny. We spent quite a bit of time price comparing things. We went with the cheap wipes and will hope for the best. I quickly learned there is no way I could have done that trip without him like I had originally planned too. It doesn’t help that I’ve come down with a cold or bronchitis (doctor tomorrow) but I still could not have managed that trip without my wonderful man. 

We made one more trip on that sexy romantic Friday date night, my personal favorite and his arch nemesis….Target. 
Before Target we stopped to have dinner at O’Charley’s where I learned for the first time….I don’t fit into booths at restaurants anymore. So depressing but not at all embarrassing. I’m growing a human people!
We celebrated my Aunt’s retirement and ran some more errands on Saturday and scored this extremely cute vest. 
And then the sickness came on. A little runny nose. Then a cough. Now I have the nastiest cough with a sore throat from all the coughing and its 6:30 and I’m in bed. I’ve tried ever OTC drug I’m allowed to have and nothing is cutting it. I’m hoping for some relief tomorrow after a trip to the doctor. 
This week I was also blessed with another wonderful shower at work. Thank you all for everything! Check out this super cute cake. 
Had a nice visit holding my grandma’s hand and chatting about loving a farmer. Alzheimer’s might occasionally take her memory but nothing will ever take that woman’s soul and heart. For once she didn’t ridicule me on being knocked up and saying “Well are you at least married?” 🙂 This time she simply asked where my husband was. When I told her he was busy working on farm equipment that made her smile. We talked about husbands loving farming and she brought up some fond memories of my grandpa who I miss daily. She spoke as if he were still around and it hurts to know that her moments of time recognition are slipping away. I never correct her. Just let her life in whatever moment she chooses to be in for a bit. 
For a moment it was like I was 15 again and we were sitting in her kitchen on a sunny afternoon. I love the moments when she feels right there with me. The next moment she was back to worrying about the storm and rain outside and nervous. But we had that moment. 
She asked about the baby and how in the world we knew it was a boy. She made it clear she wasn’t real fond of his name. I don’t think it’s one she has ever heard and it definitely threw her off. 
We talked about me bringing Easton to meet her in a month or so and she said she couldn’t wait to meet him. I know we are so lucky that his Great Grandma will get to hold him, love him, and brag about him. Everyone in her unit loves kids and babies so I’m sure he will be a hit. 
These days are all flying by so fast. 
I hope whatever moment you choose to live in you do just that…..live. 
Live and love all those around you. 
We could all probably slow down a little and enjoy life and it’s moments. 

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