4 months

Our little man is 4 months old today. I can’t believe how quickly he is growing. Everyone tells you but you just don’t believe it until it actually flies by. 
In this last month he’s changed so much and I’ve cried almost daily just at the thought of returning to work and missing these moments.  I really don’t want to miss any piece of time with him. It’s what is best for our family (returning to work) but I’ll probably always wish and hope times were different and I was able to be at stay at home mom. Who knows, maybe someday that will be a possibility. For now I beg you not to tell me I could make it work if I really wanted to because you don’t know our situation and I’m liable to punch you in the throat. 
Let’s take a look at my sweet babes last month. 
I cherished all snuggled and took advantage of his 45 minute nap intruder. When he was still tired I rocked him back to sleep and napped with him. Because….why the heck not?
He still wakes up this happy every single morning. He’s such a morning guy and always excited to see our faces. I’ll remind him of this in about 13 years. 
For some reason this whole 45 minute intruder really started to suck the life out of our days. I’ve felt like when we’re home all day I’m constantly battling him to take a nap. And this cute pouty face was just not having it. 
He’s finally into his toys!  He loves his Sophie giraffe and anything he can get in his mouth. 
And the clothes. 
It’s not tutus and frilly dresses but it’s still fun to dress him each morning and squeeze his chunky butt into something adorable. 
He does nap. 
I just panic because I think he should be sleeping more. Maybe he’s just a babe that doesn’t need much sleep during the day. He’s happy when he’s awake!
His hair is still crazy and he’s getting a little bald spot in the back since he moves around more in his sleep. 

He loves his bedtime stories with mommy or daddy!
He’s still in love with Miss Gracie. He’s jealous of her thigh rolls but dominates her in heighth. 
He loves to visit Great Grandma and she loves to see him too. This visit ended with projectile spit up all over GG’s shoes. Whoops!
Tummy time isn’t as fun as it use to be but he tolerates it once or twice a day. He’d rather be sitting up with help!
We’ve rooted the Hoosiers to a spot in the Sweet 16. Wahoo! Thanks to Didi for our IU onesie. 
Sometimes when his Aunt Kiki babysits his cousins like to play dress up with him. This is his Uncle Woodbury look. 
He’s constantly on the move. Twisting to see the TV. 
Kicking his way in a circle. 
Even breaking down his little gym with all his kicks!
His first “Ussie”
More nap time snuggles and those chubby little fingers. 
Mommy got more adventurous and took him shopping more. This was a Hobby Lobby trip!
Of course we saw the Easter bunny and as you can tell he was thrilled!
I took a day to plan and adjust to life back at work and Easton spent the day with Michelle. It was hard for me to be away all day but I got this happy dude picture!
Every day he loves his jumpy seat more and more. A little added support beneath him and behind him still but he’s loving sitting up like a big guy!
His 1st St. Patrick’s Day!
A play date with cousin Jack
Cooking dinner with momma. 
And his 4 month photo shoot with the help of his big cousins!
4 month milestones:
He rolled from his tummy to his back a few times but is no expert yet!
He started only sleeping 5 hours at night waking in the middle of the night with tummy pains and now is back to 8-10 hours thank goodness!
He had a big shopping and lunch trip with Mamaw for new summer and spring clothes 
He’s kicking a LOT more and harder too!
He still loves his bath time at night. 
He went to Juncle Club for the first time at momma’s gym and has had some more babysitters. 
We had a scary stroller fall at the mall and mommy was very thankful for our Guardian Angel who told me to buckle him in right before it happened. Otherwise it could have been a lot worse!
He’s starting to give kisses. Wet. Drolly. Fabulous ones. 
He’s getting a little difficult to change his diaper with all his wiggles so I’m guessing that will only get worse! And by worse I mean more exciting for us. 
This next month will be difficult not spending every single day with him but I know he will enjoy Miss Jenny and socializing with new friends. 
Happy 4 Months EDubs!

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