Love is Love

I’m just over it. 
I’m over the Facebook posts and the news stories about trans people in restrooms and gay people getting married.  
Let them be!  Let them love! 
Love is love. 
Right now I can’t sleep because all I see on the late night news is hate.  I can’t sleep because I look at my sweet, loving, innocent baby and think, “Love who you want, just love.”
Love someone just like your daddy loves me.  Love them with your whole heart and soul and love them like you’d die for them.  Just love sweet boy, just love.  
Today I read an article about a Methodist preacher (my religion) who married two men.  Not going to lie (and this will probably make some people dislike me) I was rather thrilled.  I’m happy this pastor took a stand and did what he felt was right.  You can tell me that in the bible it says being homosexual isn’t allowed.  You can prove to me with a verse and I have one to show you that makes me feel otherwise.   
Bottom line, in my opinion, is God is love.  He gave his only Son for our sins and folks, we all sin….daily.  No one is perfect.  No one will ever be perfect. 
I can make you one guarantee right now.  If we all loved a little more and hated a little less this world would be a much safer place to live in. 
I’m not going to worry about sending my child in a bathroom because someone filled with hate wants to pretend to be someone they’re not. That’s like saying I’m not going to send my kid to a public school because someone with hate “might” come with a gun.  
I choose not to live in fear. 
Do I stress occasionally about those things?  Sure. 
Do I think about them every so often?   Absolutely. 
Do I watch the news and shake my head in disbelief?  Damn right.  
This world is scary.  
I choose not to live in fear.  I choose to take my stress, anxiety, and disbelief and pray.  I pray that there will be more love.  I talk to God and pray because that’s what gets me through.  
I love my Lord and I know that no matter what I will see my mom again in Heaven and my husband and my son will be right there with me someday.  
It doesn’t matter who Easton decides to love.  I will see him in Heaven because that’s what I choose to believe. 
I choose love. 

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