Fall Break Bucket List

Fall Break.

Two weeks of beautiful weather (cross your fingers) and time spent with my sweet baby boy (and husband….Harvest dependent)

Let’s see what kind of memories can be made.

Our Mine Fall Break Bucket List 2016

**As I started to make this list I realized it was way too stressful to try and accomplish all of this in two weeks.  So, we’ll shoot to knock most of it out and what we can’t get done maybe we can accomplish on the weekends in October and November.

  1. Tuttle’s Orchard – It’s local and it’s a fall must do.  Corn maze, the new Tractor Town, picking apples, an apple slushie, and a little wagon ride through the orchard.  
  2. Children’s Museum PlayScape – A playdate with Easton’s daycare friends is already scheduled!
  3. Piney Acre Farms – Another local must.  We love to buy our Christmas tree here!  I want to check out what they have to offer for fall fun, too!
  4. ZooBoo – I can finally go and dress up a little one of my own!
  5. Kelsay Farms in Whiteland – We’ve never been and why not….children under 2 are free!  Might as well check out what they have to offer.  
  6. Naps – We must nap together.  He will only be so little for long and I gotta soak up all the naps I can get with him.  
  7. Carve a pumpkin, put the baby in it, and take a picture. Of course, let E play with the pumpkin goo and make a major mess.  
  8. Paint the babes butt like a pumpkin and take a picture.  It’s cute and I can only do these things to him for so long before he’ll have a say and won’t let me.  
  9. Quack Daddy Donuts – Donut date and meet friends for delicious, warm donuts and cold milk. 
  10. Riley Days – Fall Break finally falls on the same weekend as Riley Days…perfect!
  11. Edinburgh – A trip to the outlet mall for a little bit of shopping. 
  12. Brown County – This one might be a stretch and probably wouldn’t be all that much fun with the little one, but I haven’t been in a few years and I sure would like to.  Might have to save it for when the leaves turn. 
  13. Newport Aquarium – E is loving fish tanks right now.  I’m hoping we can take an overnight trip (or a day trip) to see the big tanks
What are other things that must be on our Fall list? 
Today we got to celebrate another cousin and friend and finally some pink and purple in our lives!  Can’t wait to meet Katie’s little princess in November.  

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