Big moments means a little bit of heartache

There are a lot of BIG life moments about to happen.

Easton’s turning 1.
Krista turns 40.
We move into our own home.
Mom’s been gone for 15 years
Brody turns 6

Do you know what that means for me?

A huge feeling of loss.

What should be some of the happiest times turns into the saddest….when I let it.

I try and stay positive and remember she’s with me and she’s proud and she gets to see it all.

But, I miss her.
I wish she was here to help me through it.  I wish she was here to help me put on the parties and make the food and help me decorate.

I’m so thankful for my helpful team.  My sister.  My best friends . My aunts.  I’m so blessed to share these moments with them.

My sweet husband loves and cares for me so much through these times.  When I cry and tell him I just miss my mom.  He does the best he can and just says, “I know.”  If I’m driving him crazy he doesn’t let it on one bit.

The holidays are tough when you miss someone so much.

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