Fall Fun

I love fall.
I love traditions and making new ones.
I love making memories.

We always cram as much fun as possible into our two week break away from work and some on the weekends too.

Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve conquered this fall season.

Naked pumpkin painting party with cousins.
Okay, not entirely naked but it was warm enough we could spare the clothing. 

Tuttle’s is a must. 

Lark Ranch with Kiki. 

Tuttle’s again and again. 

Zoo Boo!

He clearly enjoys the train rides everywhere we go!

Trick or Treating!

Meeting his new cousin, Baby Mike

A trip to the Newport Aquarium

Meeting a mermaid!

Getting his eyes checked with Dr. Scott

LOTS of time with his BoBo!

And maybe his favorite part of fall – tractor rides with Papaw Tractor!
We are truly fortunate to get to do so many fun things!

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