A man and memories.

There’s something precious and sweet about seeing new lambs in the barn. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told the stories of my great grandpa calling “Lambie Lambie Lambie” while feeding the little ones with a Pepsi bottle with a nipple attached.

There’s this feeling that I get when I enter the barn. Like he’s there.

A man I don’t recall memories of but have enough to fill my someday children’s ears with. A man who meant so much to so many. A man who taught so many life lessons to family members who made me who I am today. A man who loved and nurtured my grandfather who then did the same to my mother.

A man I wish I could sit down with for just a bit and get to know. I have so many questions I’m sure he would have the perfect answer for.

But, until we meet again, I’ll keep visiting the lambies and pretend I can hear his voice exactly how he would say it. I’m sure I can if I listen hard enough.

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