Look at him

Look at him looking at me…..

Either he
a) thinks I’m crazy
b) wants me to quiet down
c) is madly in love and can’t help but stare

I’m going with c.  This was from our adventure to Nashville recently.  We had a blast as you can tell.  We danced and we laughed all weekend long.  It was good for both of us to get away, but especially for M.  He’s been working nonstop without weekends off and every once in a while I just think it’s good for him to escape from home.  I get to see a different side of him when we get away and play.  A side I love and a side of him I know he needs.  Vacations are good for people.  They are healthy for the mind and soul. 

This picture reminded me of all the times I catch him staring at me.  At first it annoyed me.  Kinda freaked me out really.  I would ask, “What?”  He would say, “Nothing.  Can’t I just enjoy how beautiful you are?”  What a charmer this guy.  Cheesy, but a charmer. 

You see I’ve never really had someone want to stare at me before.  Never had someone tell me I look good in everything, even when I probably don’t.  I’ve never had someone want to spend all their free time with me even if it does mean attending my nephew’s basketball game or my best friend’s granny’s funeral.  I’ve just never had a love like this before.  It is pretty awesome!

And I love him just as much back.  Even though he’s sitting next to me snoring so loudly that I can barely concentrate and type this.  God love him. 

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