Spring brings chaos

Spring is so busy. Sometimes I wonder how I will ever make it when we have kids. We just have the two of us and a dog and currently some ewes and a ram out back and seems like zero time for each other.

This week was nuts. I fully expect it to be this nuts and stressful and irritating until summer is actually here. That’s pretty norm for the last few weeks at school.

One happy thought was hearing from my Dad on his newest granddaughter. There’s a sweet little picture of Baby J below. I haven’t met her yet but I hear she’s sweet and chunky and beautiful. Sounds like a perfect baby to me!

Another happy moment was enjoying some quality time with my aunt and cousin while watching the nephew play ball. And then taking a day off to spend even more time with the cousin while we visited my favorite niece at school for lunch.

One irritation from this week is that I hate making a nice home cooked meal and then eating it alone so I lost all ambition to cook. My guy was sitting in the tractor planting beans every night and I was either in meetings or overloaded with papers to grade.

Next week is even more busy so I took today off to mentally prepare myself for May. Jealous? That’s the beauty of “personal days”.

The laptop crapped out so you’ll be sad to hear my amazing blog entries with beautiful photos are on hold for a bit. For now you’ll get what I can provide via iPhone.

Here’s some photos from my week. Sweet baby J is below
My favorite blonde nephew playing ball.
Richard the Ram is also featured. You’ll be glad to hear he is no longer alone out back. Two very poor ewes has the pleasure of “meeting” him the other day. That’s as PG as I can get.

Looking forward to the weekend even if does look rainy in the forecast. That can only mean time with my guy!

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