Party planning

Someone in our family is getting married! Which means a bridal shower and gearing up for her big day!

If I could quit my day job and do whatever I wanted one thing on my list would be “party planner extraordinaire.”. I really love throwing a good party….but at a minimal cost. It’s like a challenge. A thrill. I love shopping for bargains or making things to make the room look great as cheap as I can.

We decided on using her wedding colors and my sister found some great placemats on Zulily. If you don’t know Zulily…you need to. A good friend made a beautiful cake just from a picture we had given her that we found on the Internet. Each of the ladies in the family plus some bridesmaids brought a dish to add to the spread. This also saved on one person buying all the food. I borrowed mason jars from a friend and bought some simple daisies for cheap at a grocery the morning of. My sister got the paper goods and added a little bow to the silverware wraps for a little extra color.

As I’ve said before our family is big, but very close. I loved being a part of my cousins process to her big day and I look forward to planning many more bridal showers for the rest of my cousins and family.

Some pictures below from the bridal shower.

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