That question

We have come to a point in our relationship where everyone wants to ask “that question.”  We have been together for well over two years.  We are both at the age where it’s acceptable.  We live together (in sin, yes).  All the above.

When are you guys getting hitched?  When is he going to pop the question?  When is it your turn for a bridal shower?  When will you guys be getting married?

It’s all the same question, really.

And I’m over it.  Officially freakin over it.

So then I decided that from now on when someone would ask me “that question” I would punch them in the face.  And sooner or later people would stop asking that question for fear that I would knock them out.

Then I realized that violence probably isn’t answer, regardless of how bad ass it might make me feel.  Or how much better I would feel about “that question” after releasing some anger through my fists.

For the longest time I’ve thought to myself when asked, “Don’t you think I would have told you if I knew when it was going to happen?”  It’s not like the whole world wouldn’t know.  I would announce it from the rooftop.  I would probably be flooding your Facebook feed with joy, happiness, and pure overkill.

It obviously hasn’t happened. And I’m not gonna lie.  It has absolutely tested my patience.  It’s not like I’m not ready for all the beautiful things life has to give us.  A wedding.  A honeymoon.  Little people.

However, this past week I spoke to a few people who really helped me realize that it’s all part of a plan that I don’t have a map or guidelines too.  It’s all part of the surprise that both Mike and God have in store for me.  They are working together to make this thing truly magical.

Patience, Ashley….patience.

The wise words that I continue to re-read go something like this, “He is worth every tear, joy, scowl and hug.  The post-it note moments far outweigh the waiting on a silly ring.  Just wait….it’s a lesson that God is teaching you right now.  Trust His faith in you is just as strong as His faith in Mike.  Good things come to those who wait regardless if it’s three years, or five.”

I hadn’t thought about it as a lesson.  I thought I was just getting pushed to the limit.  Maybe I am.  Hopefully I can remember that the limit is a lesson.  A lesson of patience and faith in so many things.

This post isn’t a promise to you that I will always remember that.  I’m human.  I tend to mess up and forget at times.

Hopefully if you’re a fellow reader and you ask you won’t allow me to punch you in the face.  Maybe you’ll just help remind me that it’s a lesson in faith and patience.  It’s not like I’m waiting for “the one” anymore.  I found the one.  I found him and since we met it’s been a completely different life and love story.

Practicing Patience Daily,

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