Get over it. Move on.

I’ve always hoped my children will enjoy playing sports.  Even if it is just being a part of them when they are younger to stay active and figure out what they like and don’t like.

Recently I have figured out that maybe I, as a parent, won’t be cut out to handle sports.  I’ve realized that I am certainly not suited to coach their team, though I wish I could contribute.  My patience and blood pressure simply can’t take it.

I’ve watched almost every single one of my nephew’s Saturday morning basketball games.  This is a fun league, no try outs, everyone pays to play.  I’ve enjoyed watching him play, have fun, and learn some new things.

5 things I’ve learned from this experience:

1. I am harsh and unsympathetic to crying over a game like basketball.  I get it.  Your heart is in it.  Everyone wants to win.  But, guess what?  Not everyone can win.  Get over it.  Move on.

2. I will not be a coach so that my children will still love me.  If I did decide to coach I’m afraid I would embarrass them terribly and everyone would probably leave in tears.

3. Some men/women who are coaches must have been those who were cut from their high school teams and still have not gotten over it.  Again, get over it.  Move on.

4. If it’s a club where there are no tryouts and everyone pays the same amount for their kid to play then everyone should play the same amount.  That’s only fair.  It doesn’t mean play the kid who can score the most just so you win.  It means play them all about the same amount as you can so that everyone gets the same experience.  That same experience might equal loss.  But you’ll have to get over it.  Move on.

5. Not everyone should get a trophy.  We didn’t all get trophy’s when I was a kid and I’m pretty sure we turned out alright.  In fact, maybe better than most kids these days.  Teaching children that everyone can win just isn’t right.  Guess what?  Not everyone wins….and it is OKAY!  If we teach our children that everyone wins then I feel like we are growing a society of brats who think they are entitled to everything.

Now, you may disagree with my statements from above….and I’m okay with it.  We all have the right to our opinion.  I realize that some may think I’m not entitled to an opinion regarding children when I don’t have any of my own.  My thoughts and views on things just might change when I become a mother and I’m well aware of that.  If they do you’ll be informed of that when it happens.

Until then just enjoy some photos of my super cute nephew in action with his amazing hair.  He’s pretty awesome and improved tons over the course of the season.  He didn’t cry when he lost.  He never threw a fit when he got pulled out of the game so another team member could play.  I’m proud of him.

Learning new things every day….

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