Remodel {1}

It’s been almost a month since we moved into the new house.  I have yet to update y’all on the remodeling process.  Mostly because we aren’t completely finished.  We still have four rooms left.  Four rooms that I feel like are taking forever.

We gave ourselves a goal.  Get the house completely done by the time we can open the pool.  So, we do have some time to get it done….but I just wish I could snap my finger and it would all be over.

The bathrooms need to be finished and the kitchen/dining and front room are still to be done.  I did accomplish getting two of the four rooms primed and ready to go for my guy’s return home.  Of course, I had the help of my pops….but I was still glad to get that done last week.  That way when lover boy returned home I could put him right to work and get to painting!  Ha!  He hasn’t come right out and said it…but he and my dad both (I can tell) feel like I’m a great prep painter but I should never be allowed to paint for real.  But you know what they don’t know?  They don’t know that I’m actually amazing, but I hate it….so I pretend like I suck.  That’s my dirty little secret for today.

So, today I’ll reveal to you the before and after of our bedroom.  It’s the only room that is completely finished.  There are no open walls to hang things so it makes it very nice and easy to say it’s done.  Furniture is in it.  Curtains are up.  New bedding is on.  Done.  Complete.




Please ignore the laundry basket.  It’s dirty clothes.  And ignore the fan.  It gets blazing hot upstairs with the wood burning stove.  And ignore the humidifier in the background.  We also have crazy static despite the fact that our carpet warranty said ANTI STATIC.  Bunch of darn liars!
The duvet cover came from Target.  Only $60!  First time duvet cover purchaser right here.
I actually like the fact that I can wash it much easier than a queen size comforter with probably less wear and tear.
Plus the down comforter inside it feels amazing.  

The man of the house had to take apart the bed frame for both beds that went upstairs.
Talk about a pain!  I watched, and adored him, and giggled at his frustration.
The stairs don’t allow for a queen size bed frame to go up them….so it was either this or sleep separately on two twin beds.  
Well I should probably get to work on grading papers.  I have put them off long enough.  We had an expected 3 day weekend and besides cheering on our hometown girls basketball team (SEMI STATE CHAMPS!) I have done absolutely nothing.

Unless dusting for about 5 minutes counts.

Does it?


Happy Sunday!

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