It’s her.

There have been sign all around me this week that my mom is right here with me.  Signs everywhere.

The past three days that I’ve come home there has been a beautiful cardinal on Michael’s truck when I pull in the drive.

It’s her.

I was completely full of worry and doubt this evening when something unexpected took the weight off my shoulders.  It made me sad.  It made me wonder if I should ever be happy about it.  In the end it is completely her way of being here with me and helping me rid the worry.

It’s her.

Then my sister sends me a text telling me I need to download a new song….by Pink called “Beam Me Up” and it speaks every feeling I have about missing her.

It’s her.  Even if it’s through my sister.  It’s her.

Can I just be beamed up to see her again?  A place where nothing breaks and nothing hurts.  I just need a minute.  Not sure what I’d say to her at all.  No idea.  Just beam me up.

 “Let me lighter I’m tired of being a fighter”

“There are times I feel a shiver and cold.  It only happens when I’m on my own.  That’s how you tell me I’m not alone.”

“Happy just to be there holding your face.”

“So when I need you can I send you a sign?  I’ll burn a candle and turn off the lights.  I’ll pick a star and watch you shine.”

What I wouldn’t give to just beam me up….

Thankful for signs all around,

If you’ve ever lost someone you love….I highly recommend downloading the song.  Give yourself a box of Kleenex and some time alone and just have a good cry.

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