40 years

Thank goodness 40 years ago (last Saturday) two wonderful people had fallen in love and made it official by marrying one another.  My honey’s parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Saturday and we SURPRISED them with a little gathering at our house.  
We were all a little worried as we watched their truck come over the hill….and then keep going.  Apparently they weren’t exactly thrilled to see all the cars and thought it would be cute and funny to keep driving.  Lucky for them…they returned to all of us.  Momma S wasn’t real happy, but I know deep down she was.  Tears of joy and happy hugs to all who came.  Thank you to everyone who helped make the day special for them. 
I’m beyond blessed with both of my guy’s parents caring and loving me all that they have.  We have a wonderful relationship and there are always laughs when they are around.  I’m very grateful for them and I’m definitely glad we could pull off a party to show them how much we care.  
Thank goodness for 40 years ago…
Cake, cookies, and old photos

Doesn’t my guy look good with a baby??

Cutting the cake.  Aren’t they adorable?

Photos with all the family!

They haven’t changed one bit….!

Look at my guy (blonde baby)!  We are going to make some blonde babies for sure some day!

40 years ago!

Fortunate and Blessed with “in laws” who rock,

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