Fall break has been full of fun and feeling refreshed. Freedom of doing what I want each day and having daily opportunities to spend it with the ones that I love and some I hardly see.  

Over fall break….
I was so proud that my niece started piano lessons. 
I spent lots of time with my best friend and her little one….organizing and getting ready for her baby #2. 
I crafted and got several Christmas presents done.  

I went on several walks even though I skipped out on the gym.  I couldn’t help but just enjoy my friends and family and get out in nature.  Back to the gym next week. 

We visited IU and Ball State and took a trip down memory lane.  

We visited the pumpkin patch.  
I saw Theresa Caputo. 
 I spent some much needed time with one of my best friends and her three little ones as well as more time with my own littles.  
I got to watch little B while the bigger littles took an weasel some painting class that they really enjoyed.  It’s a great little class in our small town and they do adult classes too!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed these last two weeks off.  I’m already looking to the busy two weeks that Christmas Break will bring.  I’m also ready to get back to work and get back in the swing of things.  I always learn one thing from a break from work…..and that is that I enjoy to relax but my anxiety issues certainly require a schedule for everyone’s sake. 
Feeling refreshed and renewed to tackle another 9 weeks at work.  
Feeling fortunate.  

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