We received a notice this week on our door that the fire department had been at our house while we were gone.

Tis the season for smoke to be rolling out the top of our house. 
Meet our heat source:
A wood burning stove supplies our heat in our new house. 
I’ve got to tell you…..there is a lot I love about it.  Our electric bill goes way down.  The smell of a wood burning stove makes you feel like you’re hidden away in a cabin in the woods.  It gets REALLY warm in the house. There’s something special about loading wood and starting a fire that makes me feel all pioneer like. 
Of course there are also a few dislikes….as with anything. Loading wood sometimes causes splinters and since I’m such a girl I have to wear gloves.  The smell is all over your clothes so if people don’t enjoy it it’s kind of hard to escape from. On those perfect fall days it can get too warm in the house because there’s no way to really regulate the heat perfectly to a set temperature.  
And…..this stuff doesn’t magically appear in the garage. 
But, who am I kidding?
You think my man makes me carry up wood from out back? 
Not yet. 
Not ever. 
I hope.  
It’s a lot of work and there are bugs.  I’m not really a bug fan. 
Fortunate to stay warm and not pay the electric company nearly as much as summer time!

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