3 years of joy

It’s hard to believe that 3 years ago my sister and brother-in-law were blessed with a handsome little boy who would turn their world upside down….but in a wonderful way!

He always makes you smile. 
I’m sure he’ll earn the award for “Class Clown” his senior year. 
I believe his love for princesses is going to land him with a hot girl with super long hair. 
His imagination is unbelievable. 
He has a heart the size of Texas but just barely fits into 3T clothing because he’s a bit tiny. 
He can say the sweetest things and then say something incredibly silly and make you roll with laughter.  
He loves to talk in different voices and make everyone giggle. 
Right now…he’s the baby of the family and enjoying every minute of it!
So here are some pictures of this little man’s life from the past 3 years. 
To little B- 
3 years ago your sister was super excited for your arrival little man….
Before any of us could meet you she got to tell us all about you and she was so excited!
You were basically perfect and looked just like your big sister….minus that extra appendage!
She may not always be overjoyed with your presence or your cute smirky ways, but she was head over heels in love with you this day!
This was the 2nd day of your little life.  Your cheeks, your nose, your little lips.  Everything perfect!
And look at that beautiful dark hair!
You spent your first wedding (Jared and Kate’s) dancing the night away with your sister and cuddling with great grandma. 
And here is your first Easter egg hunt…
At first you weren’t quite a fan of the pool but it slowly grew on you…
And sometimes we like to dress you up and play a little bit…
You started turning into a big boy and Aunt Addie got a little sad!
You were a definite crowd pleaser for your 1st birthday!
And making messes and driving your mom crazy and making everyone else laugh!
You event to Disney and met Buzz!
And turned 2!
And you were so proud…
I made you alien cupcakes with cousin Chey’s help
And you’re as rotten as ever to this day…
Obsessed with sweets….
Hugging every present you get…
Hamming it up every chance you get…
Because you’re the cutest thing ever!
I hope you know how loved you are. 
My wish for you is to grow up knowing you are loved each and every day of your life. 
My wish is that you always believe in yourself and never let anyone tell you to be anything but that. 
You’re loved and always will be little man. 
Happy 3rd birthday little B!

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