Two people come to mind this afternoon when I hear that word 

1. Governor Pence
It’s very disrespectful to say such a harsh word about an elected government official. I get it. I’m a little bit sorry, and a whole lot not sorry. 
The fact that he has made a declaration today to shorten our state testing sounds fabulous. He steps in as a hero and everyone thanks him for taking care of the problem. However, if he thinks I’m a fool to fall for this crap…..he’s crazy. 
I think he had this all planned out. He planned the “swoop in and save” move to get in better graces with the educators crew.  He’s probably even got a shorter test already made and copies ran to smooth the whole deal out. 
You’re not fooling me, sir. 
2) Kanye West
So many reasons not enough energy to waste on you. 
Mostly it’s that you married that other idiot, Kim. 
Also because you want to believe your opinion in the music industry is the only one that should matter.  Get a clue Kanye, you’re not the Almighty. 
I must say I feel better. 
I apologize for venting. 
Happy Monday y’all. 

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