Ever wake up and immediately try and recall what you ate because your dreams were so bizarre? 

Ever told your husband and he had equally as weird dreams? 
Ok. Maybe just us. 
So last night I got little to no sleep due to some extremely weird dreams. 
They all revolved around my husband leaving the baby. The baby that we don’t have. It was a boy, by the way. He left the baby on the bed. And then of course it rolled off. He left the baby in the car. He left the baby by itself in public. He kept leaving our nonexistent baby everywhere.
What does that even mean? 
My husband’s dreams involved the dog. In his dream he pulled the dog’s paws off. He said it wasn’t bloody, but real disgusting. Since then he’s been adoring Shiloh all day apologizing for having such an awful dream about he removal of her very important paws. 
Are we totally screwed up, or what?
Happy Sunday!

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