Dear Birthday Twin

 Dear Birthday Twin,

9 years ago when you came into this world I never knew how much I could love someone else who I had to share the same day with.  I know you totally understand that, because…..well…..we are basically one in the same.

Over the years I’ve become more accustomed to sharing our special day together, and quite frankly, I really can’t imagine it any other way now.

Being in the delivery room on the day you were born kept e 
Celebrating at all your birthday parties has always been the best. 
When I’m 90 do you promise to drive me to Olive Garden for the must do birthday dinner?
You’ve always been so fun to dress and play with. 
A true princess no doubt. 
The day your parents left you with me and I decided to try on all your baby bikinis was definitely my favorite…..until you peed all over the chair and I knew I was in trouble.  
Your chubby self just smiled and drooled.  
My partner in crime.  

I’m very grateful your mom has always included me on special days. 
Things like venturing off to a princess tea party all dressed up. 
I’m a very lucky aunt to be a part of all that.  
And because we have the best BEST friends in the world I get to spoil your best friend too. 
She’s like a niece, but not technically, and I love that you’re okay with that.  wink wink 🙂

Then Brody came into your world to throw things out of alignment.  
I love this picture because you were so stinkin excited to have a sibling. 
Some days you might want to reflect back on this pic to remind you how truly adorable and funny he is.  🙂
 You’ve been trying new things like crazy lately, and that’s just another of the million reasons I love you. 
Throwing yourself out there to see what you like. 
Conquering this world one day at a time.  

Our 4-H fun is what makes the summer the best. 
That and those pool days at my house. 
You’re an amazing baker, crafter, and sewer. 
Always remember how incredibly talented you are! 
I haven’t made it out this year, but I will soon….promise. 
I always learn so much about life when it’s just me and you. 
Those are my best days. 
Lunch at your school. 
Lunch or shopping on a Saturday. 
Our best days together are just you and me and our sassy selves.  

My goodness you were cute, right?  

Your eyes just light up a room.
Big and beautiful eyes to sparkle and shine. 

And your attitude. 
Well, it’s like 99% awesome and 1% like me.  
Or, maybe a little more one way or another. 
Either way, your attitude is what makes you YOU. 
It’s what will make you an incredibly strong woman. 
Strong enough to conquer whatever you choose to do in life. 

Your beauty is incredible. 

And your love for Relay and helping the world. 
I know that by next year you will totally be capable of running Relay if you so choose. 
I’m fully ready to pass that down to you as soon as you want. 

Your passion for things that I love always excites me. 

Your goofiness. 
I ask you to pose for a picture. 
You do. 
Then, you ask if it’s going on social media. 
Most likely….yes. 
Because I totally want the world to know I have the most rockin’ niece around!
And lastly…the head flower girl of my dreams. 
You led the pack down that aisle (all but one) with fierceness and beauty. 
You knew your duties and never failed to amaze me. 
You stood by my side as I married my best friend and quickly asked to call him Unkie Mike….or Unkie Bert. 
We would be very blessed to bring a baby into this world with a cousin like you. 
No, we would be EXTREMELY blessed. 
I know you’ll take care of my own like they were your siblings. 
You see….we are just incredibly lucky that YOU were born 9 years ago.  

To end, I want you to know that I hope that 20 or 30 or 50 years from now you choose me to spend just a little of your day with.  Because quite frankly, there is no better gift than to spend time with you on this day.  
Your Favorite Aunt Addie

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