It’s normal.

This is how a Monday looks. 
Especially a Monday that begins switching classes. 
And at 2:30 when I knew I needed to leave in 25 minutes I had a decision to make. 
Come back after the baby appointment or quickly clean it up, pack a bag, and get on my way.  
I went for option 2 because in just a few months I am going to leave it all behind for some time at home with my first born. And when I do go back I’ve got to learn to walk away and put my family first.  I’ve got to learn to be a stellar teacher but make time for myself and my family.  So I’m working on that now.  It’s already hard.  I wanted to go back because there are a million things I need to do but I also need to take care of me. 
It’s such a tricky balance especially with the beginning of the year chaos and getting in the swing of things. 
On to the baby appointment. 
Week 24 is coming up and we got to hear little bambino so heartbeat. 
I’m beyond thrilled that my husband makes the commitment each appointment to go along with me.  He’s so committed to all of this and I’m definitely a lucky girl. I know this because there are constantly lonely gals in the waiting room and that always makes me sad. 
I explained to doc that I’ve been having more headaches.  It’s normal. 
I’ve been dealing with some super weird feeling pelvic pressure.  It’s normal. 
I’ve been getting more and more uncomfortable when sitting or trying to lay down at night.  It’s normal. 
I went pee four times in one hour this morning.  It’s normal.  
I figured as such, but wanted to hear her say….it’s normal.  
All of these feelings are new for me and although I’ve read tons of books and listened to all my momma friends I just wanted to make sure. 
This normal is not always thrilling because it’s slightly uncomfortable but I wouldn’t trade being pregnant for anything in the world.  I’m so blessed to be chosen as this boys momma. 

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