39 weeks

Another week has passed and no big sins that he’s ready to make an appearance. I’m feeling a little guilty for leaving work early despite my miserable feeling. The house is fully nested. Christmas card addresses are done. Christmas shopping has begun and a spreadsheet of what’s left to do. Today I’m venturing out to Walmart and Walgreens for a bit of walking in hopes of sparking something inside. 

At 39 weeks he’s around the size of 
A cat? Really? Rather odd but I’m sure my cousin, Codi, will enjoy it. 
At the doctors on Monday she said I was dilated to a 3 and she stripped my membranes. Again, she said she would probably see me soon as that would likely move things along. Here I sit 3 days later watching the Today show and blogging wondering why I’m not still working. Oh ya, it’s because I’m in pain and misery and not sleeping. That’s why!
He must be very content inside. I must have made him a nice cozy spot and he’s just going to take his time. Maybe he’s stubborn? Not sure where he would get that from. Ha!
Today I’m going to bake some labor inducing cookies, eat them while bouncing on the exercise ball, and maybe some other tips from friends. Some a little too risqué to admit on here. 🙂
Not trying to rush him in his sweet time just wanting him to know his mommy and daddy are anxiously awaiting his arrival!

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