2 weeks old

Yesterday our little man was 2 weeks old. No one tells you the first two weeks is hard….until the first two week is hard. Then they all tell you….oh it’s normal. 

However normal it may have been…..it was way out of my comfort zone. To feel emotionally unstable and not have my every minute planned and organized and beckoned to every single moment of need by the tiniest being. That is all a true test of how kick ass parents you truly can be. 
We passed the test, if I do say so myself. E survived and made it to his 2 week appointment. We are breastfeeding champs compared to day 4 of his life. And the best news of all….he made it back to birth weight….and more! Today he weighed in at 8 lbs 3 oz. In the first two weeks of this boy’s life I believe we did weight checks at the doctors office at least 6 times. Once on Thanksgiving morning. That’s one hell of a doctor to care enough to meet you on Thanksgiving morning. There were a couple of days I was ready to give up breastfeeding because it took every good and holy thing out of my system AND I didn’t think my baby was getting enough to eat. 

E and I wouldn’t be in mommy baby bliss if it weren’t for the best dad and husband this world has ever known. 

This man has seen me at my absolute worst and was by my side holding my hand the entire way. He listened to me cry from sun up to sun down that first week home. He dried my tears. He rubbed my back while I breastfed through the wee hours of the morning. He’s a diaper changing machine. He even wakes up with me in the middle of the night to change diapers when he doesn’t have to. He supports me and we make one hell of a team. 

We decided after a few days of being home that our marriage was stronger in those wee hours of the morning moments than it had been in quite a while. This tiny cherub God blessed us with brought us together closer than I ever imagined. I knew we were an incredible couple who could tackle any obstacle but I had no idea our strength until now. 

I’m proud of us and I don’t care who knows it. Maybe I sound arrogant. Or maybe I’m just being honest and you’re jealous. 

I never sugar coat shit so that doesn’t go without saying that the smell of my hubs open Rockstar cans in the car make me want to punch him in the face. Or that when he cooks dinner he tends to make one hell of a mess and usually assumes the dog will clean up the floor after him. Or that he snores like a beast and farts in his sleep. All that….and I still love him so. 

No, we aren’t perfect. I bet he has an even better list of the things about me that annoy him. 

We aren’t perfect. But we’re perfect together and we made a perfect little boy.


A perfect little boy who is figuring us out and who we are still figuring out. 

I never knew I could love someone so much or love my husband more. When I see the two of them together I can’t imagine my life any different than these very moments. 

And then I cry again because time is already flying by. 

2 weeks?

How can it be 2 weeks already?

Oh incredibly unbalanced hormones. You can leave anytime now. Thanks. Bye. 

Yours truly, 

One Wacked Out PostPartum Momma
Her Super Perfect Baby Boy
And Incredibly Supportive Baby Daddy

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