Easton’s Debut

Introducing….Easton Wayne! Only a month and a half late on this write up. Who knew a newborn would consume so much of my time?!

This is not for the faint at heart or those who gross out easily. I am for real telling you most of the beautiful details of Easton’s arrival. 

9:30 pm on November 21st and I was headed to get a delicious bowl of ice cream as my healthy pre bedtime snack. I stood up from the couch and think “crap….I’ve peed myself again.”  I’ve lost all bodily function control to this fetus. How embarrassing. Thank goodness I’m not in Walmart like last time. Yes, in the spice aisle I peed myself. That’s at the back of the store, by the way. I couldn’t even bend over to see how bad my pants were. Nor did I care. 
Anyways, I head to the bathroom to finish it off and stand up. I walk slowly to the living room to fill in my husband on my latest bodily function catastrophe and a slow leak continued.  Very calmly I told him, “honey I think my water might have broke.”
He kind of jumped out of his chair and we decided it was best if I called the doctor on call to be sure before heading to the hospital. He headed upstairs while I made the call. Doctor called back and I explained how it wasn’t a big gush like the movies so I didn’t want to waste our time heading to the hospital. She explained it’s hardly ever really like that and tells me to head on in to triage where they will verify that my water did indeed break. 
I went upstairs to finish packing our bathroom bag and grab my favorite pillow where I couldn’t locate my husband. After I called for him he rushed out of the bathroom. Apparently if your wife tells you her water broke it sends nerves to your stomach which prompt a restroom visit. Poor guy. 
We were so excited. I was started to freak out a bit. Shit was about to get real. I kept thinking how I’d been so ready for this little by to arrive but I wasn’t really prepared for the pain he was about to send to me to make his debut. 
We loaded up the car. I’m found towels and whatever I could locate to attempt to not ruin the new vehicle. At that point I knew if it wasn’t my water breaking I have seriously lost all control of my bladder. Things were getting messy and it felt disgusting! We were out the door in less than half an hour and on our way to the hospital. We both made phone calls the whole 10 minute drive there to tell everyone….it’s happening! We also told them to get some sleep and come see us tomorrow when baby arrived. We really didn’t figure our man would make his appearance this late in a Saturday night or even early Sunday morning for that matter. 
Then we got checked into the hospital. I didn’t even sit down for fear of the furniture I would ruin and the charge to our insurance. They quickly got me back to triage where I’m undressed, in a gown, and being checked to verify that, indeed, my water did break. 
11:00 pm and the test results are back that my water did break. They got me hooked up to an IV and I’m signing consent forms waiting to be moved back to a real room. I felt like I was signing my life away. I truly could have and wouldn’t have even known it. 
I knew the night ahead was going to be long! 
Finally we got back to a real luxury room (seriously,they are….) and I metmy nurse, Ashley. She asked if I’m interested in an epidural after we got all settled and I figured why not get that going. What’s the point in waiting until I’m in so much pain I can’t bear it? God made someone who made the epidural and I’m all about using God’s plan to progress this labor in the best interest of my pain level. It was around 2 am when I got the epidural and that nurse who administered it was freaking hilarious. Like, Cam from Modern Family hilarious. 
Throughout the next 4 hours the contractions began to worsen pretty quickly. I was dilated to a 4 at that point and I was starting to recall all those breathing techniques I had made fun of in birth and baby class might actually come in handy. Meanwhile, my loving husband was getting some rest over in the man cave and God love him….each snore I heard him take I wanted to punch him in his sweet little face. I wanted to badly to get the last few hours of sleep I knew I would ever get in the next 18-30 years and I just couldn’t. The contractions were too close and way too painful to get any sleep. 6 am rolls around and I started to feel like I needed to push. Ashley suggests we got the epidural guy back (not an anesthesiologist, by the way….weird, I know) and see if he can give me some more juice. He came back and juiced me again but I really felt the need to push anyways. 
My sweetheart was awake at this point and I let him know that I was really afraid what kind of bodily functions would occur when I did start pushing. Truly, all modesty is out the window once you arrive at the hospital to have a baby and it only gets worse. I begged him to move away or look away from down yonder because I was afraid that if he saw something that scarred him he may not ever look at me the same way. I didn’t want this to be our last baby and needed him to be romantic with me again. I didn’t know what was happening but I knew it couldn’t have looked pretty. 
7 am was shift change and its also not the greatest time for you to get furth dilated because no one was interested in checking me when I told them repeatedly I really needed to push. Finally after shift change I told them I needed to push once more and they decided to check and see if my dilation had changed from a 4. 
Guess what? In 45 minutes (last check at 6:30 am) I had progressed and was now dilated to a 9! It was go time and not a soul in the waiting room like I knew they wants to be and worst of all….my sister wasn’t there to be in the delivery room with us. I really wanted her there to take pictures and be that female voice of reason…the one who has done it all before and can get me through it. Let’s face it, my husband was going to say and do all the right things but my sister was going to scream, “Push! People don’t leave here without a baby!” And she did. 
By 8:30 I was starting to push and because my husband called my sister right away and my brother in law drives like a bat out of hell she made it just in time. Pushing was exhausting and each time I did push Easton’s heart rate would drop. It happens a lot, but it’s still scary as hell. 
I was on oxygen to help out his heart rate. Hence the mask pic. 
I was shocked that it was only me and our wonderful team of nurses until the very end. The doctor didn’t show up until it was truly game time and a baby was about to be born! Those nurses don’t get nearly enough credit and I had one hell of a team. I had 3, actually. One was a student and the other two were RN’s who had the best sense of humor and totally “got” me. They were amazing cheerleaders and I feel like I couldn’t have done it without them, though I probably could have. 
My husband. My sweet and loving husband held my hand the entire time and held my leg too. His eyes sparkled with loving tears. He was my biggest fan and was by my side, literally, the entire time giving me the kindest words of encouragement. He’s so adorable. He was so excited and ready to be a daddy. Easton and I are super lucky to have him. 
I’ll spare you the super bloody pics. I find them super endearing and sweet but I doubt the rest of the world does. 
This feeling…..
The first look at this tiny life you’ve created. There really aren’t any words for the feeling that overcomes you. It’s so incredible. It’s such a miracle. I couldn’t believe I was finally a mom. I had waited my whole life to be a mom and meet this tiny human who would change my world, for the better, forever. He was perfect. Everything about him.  His tiny fingers and tiny toes. He stole my heart instantly. 
 The instant mother in me wanted him to breathe and cry and that made me nervous. I found out later he had the cord wrapped around his neck twice. This tiny human scared me from second number one and I bet he does it a few more times in his life. 
Daddy cut the cord…
And I got to kiss his sweet little cone head. 
Our first kiss. 
At the time I totally missed his totally misshapen head. Once I looked back at this photos I was like….woah.  My sister later informed me she told the baby nurse to cover that thing up with a hat quickly and they did. Lucky for me and E….it took natural shape fairly fast. 

The baby nurse was loving and fabulous and took wonderful care of our little man. When my sister joked that he had six toes she kind of panicked and checked again and then laughed and realized we were all just a bunch of jokesters. 
He still makes the same face when he’s hangry. Of course I think it’s adorable. 
8 pounds and 1.6 oz
20.5 inches long
Is this not the cutest pouty face you’ve ever seen?
And that hair. We were all shocked considering his fathers hair status. It made sense considering the heartburn I had though! His hair goes down to his neck. Almost a baby mullet. 
After we had a good hour or so of bonding, skin to skink and attempts at nursing daddy was super excited to go tell the waiting room full of family about his arrival. 
A thumbs up for the crowd….
I don’t even care how I look….because this is pure happiness right here. 
I was a momma and on cloud 9 at this absolute perfection laying on my chest. 
And obviously poppa is super proud too. 
So glad she got there in time. 
The visitors poured in after we had our family bonding time and they all met E one by one amazed at how much hair he had. 
This might be one of my favorite pictures. 
All the “Wayne” boys. Easton is so lucky to carry on a family name and one who reminds me every day of an uncle I loved so much. 
Brody was very concerned that Easton was just a body because of how he was swaddled up and he insisted on seeing the rest of him. 
He might not be the little girl cousin she dreamed of but she was still in love. 
Mamaw and Papaw Plank
A lady near and dear to our hearts, Patty. She’s basically another grandma. Easton’s pretty lucky to have a lot of ladies who play the role of grandma and fill in for his Mamaw Debbie. 
Grandma and Grandpa Schenck
Michelle and Easton. He’s also lucky that his mommy has a ton of wonderful friends in her life. They will all be like aunts to him. He will be watched over and smothered with love no doubt. 
Jeffer and Meg
Even the twins were there for his debut!
The pediatrician from our doctors office stopped by. She said he looked great and was very sweet and kind!
Kynsey Lee came to grab some snuggles too. 
Later that day we grabbed another family photo. We were both starting to look a little tired. Been up for quite a while now!
Easton’s social media photo debut. Nametag idea courtesy of Pinterest of course!
Easton and Aunt Kiki
E and cousin Chey
E and Aunt Cathy and Codi
My heart melts at this photo too. She’s in love. 
Cousin Codi is more like an aunt and she was his first home visitor and came to grab snuggles at the hospital each day. 
Aunt Holly
Bath time for Easton and he was not a fan until……
The running water over his head. He still, to this day, loves water over his head. 
And a new outfit !
Easton and Unkie Josh. 
Daddy’s best friend visited too…..Dave and Trisha!
One of mommy’s best friends stopped by too and her little one Miss Mallory!
Unkie B officially nicknamed Easton “EDubs”
The first day Brody visited he didn’t seem to care too much abut Easton. He was concerned he was just a head and once he saw his body he just wanted to hang out on the couch. The second day he visited he declared him “my baby.”  He’s so good with him, loves to hold him, and still calls him his baby. 
Of course sister is just as crazy about him!
Best friend Meg 
Papaw came back the second day for snuggles too. 
Uncle Wood and Aunt Cathy visited us after their anniversary dinner. 
The next morning it was time to head home. I kind of panicked a bit. They were going to trust us to take this real baby home by ourselves? What the hell?
It was nice to get home in the morning so we could adjust and get settled but I don’t think either of us truly felt ready. Do you ever when you’re first time parents?
The kind nurse helped us get him buckled in. 
He did not love being in his car seat and still doesn’t really care for it. 
Proud daddy and I was behind walking in pain. Holy cow was I in pain. 
Loaded up and ready to go!
Our first visitor at home….the beautiful cousin Didi.
I never knew I could love someone so much until I became a mother. Everyone tells you it’s a feeling like no other and they ain’t lying. He is certainly the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I feel like I’m the happiest I’ve ever been despite the fact that I probably cry more now than I ever did before. Is that even normal? Does that even make sense?
Being a mother makes you this entirely different, yet better, person. I’m a better person. It feels so good to be a mom and be a better person. Every day I thank God for this little miracle. This sweet angel boy that covers me in spit up and farts as he smiles at me. I’m so lucky to be his mommy. 
He’s 6 weeks old now and weighing in close to 11 pounds. Every day he changes just a bit and every day I shed at least one tear about how quickly he’s growing and how fast our time together is flying. I’m fortunate enough to stay home until after spring break which is about 4 months of his life.  I’m still, however, hoping to hit the lottery or figure out a way to stay home forever. I don’t doubt his babysitter, Miss Jenny, will take great care of him just as if he’s her very own….but I just don’t want to miss anything. I trust her completely and I know he will be in wonderful hands with her everyday. I’ve had to pray a lot and a friend referred me to Phillipians 4: 6-7 to pray and lessen my worries a bit. It’s helping but I will need to continue to pray. I want to enjoy each day as it come and not stress about my going back to work.  Live in each moment they say, easier said than done. 
For now I’ll crawl back on the floor and video some tummy time smiles and enjoy this day with my sweet little boy. 

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