I Wasn’t Expecting That

This morning as I watched the Today show I found a new love. His name is Jamie Lawson and he has an incredible song that brought me to tears, “I Wasn’t Expecting That”

Then I googled it to watch the music video and was brought to tears all over again. This video, you guys. Woah. 
Easton’s been here for 19 days and I already need time to slow down. I see him changing and I hate change. I want him to stay my little baby boy forever and I know that isn’t possible. I’ve had a million moments of “not expecting that” since he’s arrived and I know there will be a million more. 
Someday he will grow up and marry a beautiful girl and have his own family. That kills my gut to even admit it….but it’s true. 
I can only hope that he will treat his wife like his father has treated me. I am absolutely blessed and lucky to have this perfect baby boy. What keeps me going and not get too terribly depressed about him leaving me is the fact that I’ll always have his daddy. The other perfect guy for me. 
Take a look at the music video and grab a Kleenex. Time flies and I hate change. If you do too……then this video will certainly make you realize they grow up too quickly and for me, well, my heart just can’t take it. 

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