Pajama goals

Everyday my goal is to be out of our pajamas and in real clothes by 10 am. Most of the time we meet that goal. I didn’t say that goal included a bra….just clothes other than pajama pants. 

Today….not so much. 
It’s 5pm and I just showered and put on clean pajamas. I went from dirty, spit up, milk covered pajamas to clean pajamas that will likely be covered in all the elements in less than an hour. 
Today this boy was clingy and cuddly and I loved it. I loved it minus the fact we’ve been up since 4 am but that’s just being honest. I’m a little tired. He’s had a few longer naps but since he doesn’t want to be put down I don’t sleep nearly as well as he does because I’m staring at him wishing the clock would stop. 
He had some big yawns today. 
So today we didn’t meet our pajama goal. Next goal up is a bath before 10pm for little mister. 
We got this. 

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