Bringing Sexy Back

He’s so perfect. 

He’s perfect and I’ve still got all this extra skin and curves. It’s all proof I’m a new mom, but I’m also ready to feel a little better and have some more energy. 

Our new wellness center opened last week and the excited, post-baby, body of mine was thrilled (sarcasm) to get back in shape. 

Last June all pregnant and sassy I signed up and thought to myself….this will be perfect. This gym will be open just after I birth my sweet angel and I’ll be running marathons and 5ks again in no time. 
What the hell was I thinking?
First and foremost, I hate leaving my boy. Like….hyperventilate hate. I miss him the moment I leave and cry just about every time. And yes, I’m well aware that returning to work is going to suck. Thanks for the reminder. 
So how do I make time for myself and getting in a workout AND feel like I’m being the best mom I can be?
It’s tough. Right now he’s not old enough to probably even know or at least remember I left him. He’s also too small for the gym’s “jungle club” so I have to wait for daddy to be home or Aunt or Mamaw to be available to watch him. My gym time at this point relies solely on when others are available. So my husband has been home quite a bit this week and I’ve been everyday so far. I haven’t wanted to go but I figure, I better take advantage of being able to go. When I’m there I’m texting him constantly to check in on little man. It’s just tough because I feel selfish taking time for myself when I could be cuddling him and smiling with him. I don’t want to miss anything. 
Second, it has been almost a year since I’ve worked out. I swear I will continue working out during the next pregnancy because this totally blows trying to get back in shape. REMEMBER THAT PREGNANT FRIENDS. Work it out. Walk. Elliptical. Something. Don’t just sit around and get fat and sassy like I did because you will totally regret it later. 
I am in a lot of pain from just two weeks and about 6 sessions of working out. And I really haven’t done anything that impressive. Things are aching and my any doesn’t give a damn that momma wants to lay in bed all day or soak in a hot tub. I’ve got someone else to take care of besides myself, remember? 
Moral of the story – gym life makes you feel selfish but dang it you’ve got to feel healthy to keep up with the kiddo. I’m not going to be a young momma….especially for that 5th kid in 10 years (husband rolls his eyes) so I’ve got to stay active. 
Plus, the gym is always totally full of good people watching and that, my friends, is just about worth every dang trip. 
I’ll be bringing my sexy back real soon. 
Ya, right. 

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