I’ve taken on a huge responsibility. 

His name is Easton and I love his little chunky butt. 
It dawned on me how responsible I actually have turned out to be after making a responsible financial decision. 
I turned down a new beautiful cute shirt for myself because I realized it was worth about 216 Pampers Swaddlers Size 1 on Amazon and I’d be needing to order more of those soon. 
I haven’t purchased new normal (non maternity) clothes for myself since looooong ago. I splurged on some nursing tanks when I realized how much easier they are to get the goods out in public. That’s how I’ve treated myself in the last two months. Tanks for easy access. Go me!
I didn’t need that shirt. I’d rather Easton be taken care of. I would rather buy him a new outfit. I would rather spoil him than myself.
Being responsible can be fun. 
Being responsible is thinking of new things for myself in equivalencies of diapers and wipes. 

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