Gourmet Grazer

My name is Easton and I have a problem.  

I get sloppy when I eat. 
Some call it milk drunk. 
I call it satisfaction. 
Thanks to my momma. 
10 weeks and going strong with this breastfeeding gig. Enjoying every looooooong minute it takes Mr. E to get his belly full and all the sessions stuck to the suction machine that makes that awful noise. The freezer is filling up and that is sweet sweet satisfaction. 
I was reading an article this week that described the different types of babies and how they nursed. He definitely classifies as a “Gourmer Grazer.” Meaning he enjoys every savoury suck and gulp and takes his sweet ass time doing so. In this way, he is me. I love food and I love to taste it and enjoy it. He is certainly not like his father when it comes to eating. Sometimes I wonder if his daddy even chews his food before swallowing he inhales so quickly. 
My sweet boy takes his time and enjoys the buffet I have to offer. It’s taught me patience. That’s for sure. 
More on my newly taught patience later. 
For now my boy is calling for me. 

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