3 months old

Today Easton is 3 months old. 

I can’t wait to see all the photos his talented Didi got this weekend for his 3 month photo session. 
And I’ve realized I have made a major mommy fail. I haven’t blogged/journaled about his 1 month or 2 month accomplishments but I hope to get back on track from here on out. So here’s an apology to E for the future – I’m sorry sweet darling but you swallowed my life whole when you arrived and I completely forgot to document the first two months of your life on here. I do have pictures. I have a baby book filled out (or working on) and I’ve taken some videos. But for some reason I can’t find time to do it all. This motherhood gig has taken up all my free time because there’s nothing else I would rather do than kiss on your chubby cheeks and smell your head and hold you. So, my apologies. I was loving you too much to get it all written down. I promise to do better. 
A Mommy Head Over Heels in Love
Ok, moving on….
So Easton is 3 months old today and life has changed so much. He has changed so much. I think almost daily I tell his daddy how I don’t want him to grow anymore than he already has. I love him so much I just can’t stand all this change. It literally hurts my heart. 

In the last month he has…
Become very chatty during his bedtime feeding. It’s like he knows we are about to be apart in separate beds for over 6 hours and his little heart can’t stand it. He wants to coo and tell me all about his day. His eyes light up as he nurses and he unlatches often to make one of his many sounds. 

His farts make him smile. This must be a boy thing because I swear my husband does the same. 

Mommy and daddy had their first date night for mommy’s 32nd birthday and then the next weekend to see mommy’s other man, Pat McAfee on his comedy tour. E got to stay with Aunt Cathy who he’s very fond of. She knows all the magic tricks to get him to giggle and even fall asleep. She’s like Easton’s personal baby whisperer.  He has her wrapped around his chunky fingers. 

Within the last week he has been chowing down on his hand. Like slurping, sucking, drooling monster over his hands. They must taste delicious. 
He’s started to giggle a little. It’s kind of a silly giggle and it’s not real hearty yet but he has a smile and noises all together and he’s clearly a happy guy when we do certain things. He loves attention and when you’re not giving it to him he will be sure to let you know. 
Papaw and Mamaw Plank have bought him a few touch and feel books. One we read at bedtime and a new one he got for Valentine’s Day and these books make him VERY happy. As soon as I get them out to read he begins talking and getting excited. Textures are his thing right now and I know this will only get more exciting. 
He’s started taking a nap a day in his crib. He’s still sleeping in our room in his bassinet next to the bed, but we want him to get use to his crib for the future. He usually only lasts for 45 minutes to an hour and almost always wakes up because he pooped himself. But still, we are napping in the crib and that’s a big step. 
A few days a week he really loves his momma and wants to give me a break so he takes a big fat 2 hour nap. Sometimes even 3 hours. And sometimes 2 of those in a day. Those days I get SO much done. If only I knew when he was going to sleep that long then I would lay down myself and catch some Zzzz’s but usually I want to get caught up on house chores. 
The new noises out of this babe are hilarious. Coos. Yells. Grunts. Lots of grunting.  He is very chatty. Sometimes he even fakes a cry to get your attention and the minute you come rescue him he gives you a big cheesy grin. 
Today he weighs 14 lbs 4 oz and he’s definitely moved on to 3-6 month clothing. It’s hard for me to give up some of those 0-3 mth clothes, especially ones he only wore once!

He’s done so much in the last month. 
Basketball games at Mt. Vernon.
Visits with Great Grandma Snider
His 2 month check up with shots and a super sleepy day. 
Lots of tummy time to make him stronger. 
Play dates with Gracie, his girlfriend. 
A play date with cousin Jack. 
Lots of time with his cousins. 
Play time with Papaw
Hanging with Daddy
Loving being naked 
His 1st Valentine’s Day!
Naps with his blanket in the swing
Cheesy grins
Crazy hair
Chatting with Gracie
Milk drunk
Growth spurts with hardly any naps making his momma crazy!
A new seat he loves!
Happy 3 months my little Prince!

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