That holiday coming up.

As I planted flowers this evening I couldn’t help but think about my mom. And then the fact that Mother’s Day is Sunday.

Crap. Mother’s Day.

The day I use to spend with my wonderful mom and her momma (Grandma).

Then after she died it was the day that I drank all my miseries away at a local watering hole. Crying. Tellin everyone my sob story and getting the most pathetic hugs from other people who were drinking at a bar on Mother’s Day. I don’t judge but looking back I have to wonder bout them.

Now I try and celebrate though it’s not always easy. My guy has a wonderful ma so we plan to spend part of the day with her. She’s pretty amazing and I think she loves me.

I spent last Sunday with my mommas mom. She’s sassy and I love her. She will be bombarded with love from her umpteen grandchildren so I figured we should spend the day with M’s mom we have to share our love you know.

I want to blog that day but I will have nothing but emotions and patheticness running through my veins. So, I was hoping you could help me out.

Maybe you could message or comment me some questions. (Private message/email if you want to keep it anonymous.). Anything related to this holiday comin up. My momma. Me wanting to be a momma. Aunts and friends that are like mommas.

Anything goes. I think I can take it.

One thought on “That holiday coming up.

  1. Tough holiday. Can I adopt you? I may not be very good at parenting my rebel 7 year old but I can try! What qualities did you get from your mom? Write your mom a letter and read it to her – What would your letter say? What are some things your mom taught you that you will take with you when you become a mother? Favorite kids names? Three moments recently you think your Mom was with you. What qualities would your Mom love about Mike? Okay soo you don't have to answer all of them because it may take you til next Mother's day to finish but hopefully you can get through a few of them without wanting to drink an entire bar under the table! Although, I totally believe crying is a good thing – I do it like three times a week! xhugsx


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