I will preface this post by letting you all know that my guy is well aware that I am writing a post about ovaries.  I gave him a full warning.  Fact is…he hears it on a daily basis so he is well aware of what I’m about to share. 


My ovaries are molding. 

At least that’s what I believe.

Another truth.

They are aching something fierce lately. 

Reasons below. 

Exhibit A:

meet Miss Mallory

Don’t you love her cute little piggies?

See her little punkin cheeks and precious baby hands?

 Exhibit B:

meet Miss Vivian (Vivi for short)

She is the tiniest baby I’ve ever held.
Don’t let her fool you though she can produce a real big mess, real quick. 


Those are the two reasons my ovaries are molding and now even aching.  I know something as sweet as above will come in good time.  And the right time.  But my ovaries just aren’t listening. 

Until then I’m very excited to spend as much time as I can with these two precious angels.  Their mommas are so very lucky to have them. 

Achey and Moldy,

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