Part of my daily reading involves my Bloglovin app where I get to check in on all my favorite blogs.  The list is growing…rapidly.  

I wanted to share a few of my favorite blogs with you here today.  
Farmer’s Wife Mommy’s Life – My good friend Miss Heidi and her story of being a farmer’s wife and a mommy all while trying to figure out the whole country life.  She is a phenomenal writer and even more so an amazing momma.  I love her style of writing and you are guaranteed to have loads of laughs throughout her adventures on the farm.  
City Mouse in the Country – This is my friend Leah’s blog.  I also adore her writing style and stories about living with a country boy even though she’s from the city.  They are a young couple in love, which I can totally relate to, and her stories about living together are totally something I can relate to.
the anxious mother –   Another friend, Rachel, who loves wine as much as I do and shares her story of motherhood and real life.  Her kids are a freaking hoot I tell ya.  
3 kids and lots of pigs – Heather, another local friend, from Real Farmwives of America & Friends.  Love her recipes, her stories of life on a pig farm, and watching her kiddo’s grow!
Crystal Cattle – Love this girl.  Her passion for ag.  Her passion for turquoise.  She’s real and such an amazing supporter for all agriculture.  Oh, and now she introduces me to the term “felfie” and I love it!  Only wish we had a farm to take some felfie’s with.  Darn it!
Stories of a First Generation Farm Wife – Do you see a theme here?  HAHA!  I don’t know this chick at all, but I do love her stories about the farm life in South Dakota…one of the many states I would love to travel to.  She is, however, from a small town in Indiana so there is somewhat of a connection!
I’m Lovin Lit – My absolute FAVORITE teacher blog.  She’s a Saint’s fan…so don’t hold that against her.  Kidding!  She makes incredible teaching materials and sells them on TPT.  When the Saints win she even gives away freebies!  Again, her content is absolutely outstanding.  The best I’ve ever used.  
Enjoying the Small Things – I’ve been following her blog for years and always love her posts.  She even has a book, Bloom, that maybe you have heard of…or read.  Incredible writer, mommy, and photographer.  
Molly Greene: Writer – Molly is an author, blogger, and blogging coach.  I love visiting her blog to get new ideas for my own blog and inspiration for any form of writer’s cramp.  
Upward Not Inward  – Unfortunately this wasn’t has been updated since October…but I keep checking back hoping there will be something soon!  This blog is incredibly uplifting and positive and always has me reflecting.  
Bad Parenting Moments – Totally opposite from the above link but incredibly hilarious as well.  Sometimes you need just a good raunchy laugh.  She’s probably the most honest blogger I’ve come across and for that I love her even more.  Not being a parent yet myself, I can only imagine I will have some of the same stories later in life.  
Snarky in the Suburbs – Another hilarious mommy who just tells it like it is.  You should also follow her on Facebook for a good ole daily laugh of sorts.  I only hope to be as uncool and not sexy as her someday….because I will fabulously funny anyways.  
And saving my favorite and possibly the best for last….
Pioneer Woman – I met Ree a couple years ago.  I have all her cookbooks and her novel….and a few of them signed and hidden away from the public.  She’s my idol.  I’m somewhat in love with her husband, Marlboro Man.  Her kiddo’s are so darn cute but growing up way to fast!  She has the most incredible kitchen tools, recipes, boots, and blouses.  She’s just perfect!  I basically want to be her.
I’ve enjoyed the first snow day and feel totally caught up on life at the moment.  Laundry is done.  House is spotless.  Homemade vegetable soup in the crockpot.  Working on my blog a little.  Working on genealogy next.  Cuddling with the pup.  Reading Nicholas Spark’s latest The Longest Ride.  Watching a little SVU on the DVR.  Haven’t stepped foot outside yet and I don’t plan on it.  
In fact, I haven’t even showered or changed clothes.  
That I may change here in a bit.  At least a shower before a new set of pajama’s. 
Stay warm and safe my blogger buddies!

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