Last fling before the ring…

A week before our wedding I was blessed by my MOH and my family and friends to have one last night out as a single lady.  It was a BLAST to say the least.  We took a party bus downtown and had the luxury of starting the lingerie shower at my best buddy Ted’s house.  Of course he wasn’t home to enjoy all the fun, but we did poke (literally) fun at him a bit and left him so beer bottles in the flower beds. 
 Following the little shower and games we headed to Bakersfield which has the best guacamole and margaritas that I’ve ever known.  Yummo.  Seriously.  At this point I had quite the buzz going and may have tormented and totally annoyed some of the other Bakersfield visitors.  Oh well….
After Bakersfield we cruised in our bus a little bit and took part in all the yummy drinks the ladies had packed for us.  After our cruise we ended up at a fantastic show at Talbot Street.  Those ladies (err…uhhh…men?) never cease to dissappoint.  
As soon as we left I bothered a cop and asked him if he was next surprise.  Unfortunately he was a real cop and was not amused at all by what I asked.  Oops!  Then I was ready to continue the party.  Problem is…no one else was.  So, I pouted and was mad.  And next thing you know they’ve got pictures of me passed out on the bus.  Can you imagine?  
Fun was seriously had by all, especially me….I most definitely will never be able to thank all these girls enough for spending the evening with me enjoying being Miss Plank one more time!

Up next….  Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner!

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