Out West Part 2

More on our trip out west!
Some how I failed in my last post to include a few last photos of our stay in Stanley, Idaho before taking off to Salmon, Idaho Falls, and eventually, Yellowstone.  
I just love this picture of these two.  Look at that gorgeous background. 

This is beautiful Stanley Lake

Again, the water was COLD but there were still kiddo’s swimming!

Check out my handsome husband. 

Some family photos of the other Schencks

Elaine, Louise, Rich, and David

On our way back from Stanley Lake we took a very rural road and ran into some beautiful cows along the way.  

After our last morning in Stanley, Idaho the Mr. and I headed north to drive up to Salmon, Idaho and take the long, but scenic, route to Idaho Falls.  

Next up is our trip through Yellowstone!

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