How Bout Me?

We hear many times a day from this little one, “How bout me?”


When we brought his little brother home he seemed to adjust well.  He craved more attention from daddy, was a little meaner to mommy, and tried to throw us all in the looney bin by refusing to sleep.  Pretty typical older brother stuff.

Since then he’s finally mastered sleeping in his big boy bed.  He’s learned how to sleep in with the amazing Ok to Wake alarm clock.  He’s learned to use the potty.  To put it simply…..he’s growing up.

Faster than I would like.

It happens.

One thing that still remains….are the daily questions for affirmation…..”how about me?”

“Oh Wyatt you’re so cute and chubby”

Easton – “How bout me?”

“Wyatt you’re such a big boy sitting up and smiling.”

Easton – “How bout me?”

“Oh hi Baby Wyatt!”

Easton – “How bout me?”


You get it?

Sweet boy Easton Wayne.  I promise you’ll never be forgotten.  I know you won’t ever let anybody forget about you either.  It’s one of the million things I love about you.  You’re smart.  You’re kind.  You’re a stinker.  You make us laugh.  You’re wonderful at hugs and saying “I love you” a million times a day.  You’re the best cuddler and hand holder around.  You’re an amazing big brother.

No worries my man.  We love you too!


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