5 years

5 years ago…..
I fell in love at a tractor pull with a charming and hilarious farmer. We look so young. I hoped it would turn in to forever….or at least a real first date. 
5 years and 26 weeks along today! 
I scores that first date. And another. And another. 
And now we’re just a few months away from our first baby being born. We said our vows a year ago and will welcome our own bundle of joy into this world and rock the parenting thing like no other, I’m sure. 
We’ve fallen in love over and over again with each new adventure. 
I love our visits to Brown County even though they’re few and far between. Remember our last hike? Muddy and I was out of breath. Who knew I was pregnant? We found out the next day!
I love getting dressed up with you. We’ve been to so many weddings and I love watching love bloom with you. 
Our tractor rides are some of my favorite memories when we first began dating. I loved bringing you meals and squeezing in time with you riding back and forth. 
Holiday traditions and a vow to never go back to the tree lighting to avoid the obscene amounts of people and my utter dislike for large crowds and ridiculousness. 
Date nights with friends. What are those? We are old and married and about to have kids. We totally need to make time for this. Look how young, alive, and happy we are!
You’ve supported me through anything and everything I’ve ever wanted to accomplish. You are the perfect companion because the amount of love and support you give tops them all. Our children will be super blessed to have someone like you as the captain of our team. 
Vacations and getaways with you are always relaxing. You appreciate that time and make sure we make the best of it. You keep me grounded. 
You love my family like they are your own and thank God because you know how attached I am to all of them. Unkie Mike, Unkie Bertrum, Unkie Mikey, Miguel…..all
the names of love from them. 
Our holiday traditions of getting our tree on December 1st are seriously my favorite. You love Christmas just as much as me and our little guy’s 1st Christmas this year is going to be so special. 
I’ll never forget the night you asked me to marry you. I was so pissed that you were giving me a computer mouse for Valentine’s Day and when you shakily got down on one knee I was shocked and totally ready to say YES!
You let me run with the wedding planning and ran I did. I ran fast and wanted to marry you in 5 short months. I was crazy and yet you dealt with it all. 
We even snuck away to Gatlinburg on an incredible family trip. 
We got married a couple weeks later….
And took our dream honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas…

And this is married life. 
Matching Christmas sweatshirts and you looked so pleased. 
Then 3 months after those ugly sweaters and lots of trial and error we were going to become parents!
The first time we heard his heartbeat you teared up and squeezed my hand. I fell in love with you all over again. 
Seeing those blue balloons I knew this boy was going to be one of the luckiest little boys alive. He has you for a dad!
So we took one last trip as a couple without children taking in all the beauty the west had to offer. You made each day incredible and grounded me like you always do. You make me appreciate life and everything in it. 
And I’ve been a hormonal mess and somehow you deal with it. You have been outside more than ever and I don’t know if it’s the beautiful weather or keeping yourself safe from my craziness. Either way we make this whole thing work perfectly. You are an incredible dad getting his sons first room together. A beautiful crib with incredibly painted walls. You’re so proud and should be. 
So here’s to us. 
5 down and at least 50 more to go is the plan. 
I’m the most fortunate girl in the world and can’t imagine this life without you. 

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