6 Months

This 6 month old chunky boy is a bubble blowin machine. He loves slobbery kisses, long snuggles in bed with momma, the outdoors, sitting up by himself, and horsey rides on daddy’s knee. He can bounce and jump a good bowel movement right out of himself and has been known to poop up to his armpits with great skill. He’s mastered “Da Da” which makes daddy beam with pride and he’s attempting to kick dad out of bed with each passing night.
We seriously look at each other and back at him ALL the time and can’t get over how dang cute he is. How happy he is!
Photos creds to our talented cousin, Codi Milner

He brings us so much joy each and every day.

He’s constantly talking.
His little body never stops moving.
He’s rolling everywhere and loves sitting up by himself.
He rolls over in his bassinet and during nap times with Miss Jenny.
We had to raise his activity jumper because he just won’t stop growing!

Right after he turned 5 months he started saying “da da da da da” after daddy had a work trip to iowa.
He loves his daddy’s horsey rides on the knee and often times if you put him on your lap or knee he will flail himself around until you start bouncing him.

He enjoys making a slobbery mess of everything by blowing raspberries and bubbles and can do so on command.  He’s basically like a pet monkey. Ha!

Of course like all things in life with all the wonder positives there has to be some things to keep us praying….like lack of sleep.  Easton turned 5 months and decided to start waking every 2-3 hours to eat again.  I think it’s a teething issue.  Lord, I hope it’s a teething issue.  His bottom teeth are so dang close to cutting through and still haven’t.  We’re going on 3 or so (lost count) weeks of lack of solid sleep for momma.  I’m starting to feel delirious and delusional but thankfully summer is here in a week and we can all figure life out again, I’m sure.  Once summer hits we plan to make the crib transition.  Quite honestly if it were my choice I’d have him sleep next to me until he was ready to graduate high school but apparently that gets a little creepy.  Daddy is ready for him to be in his own room.  Something about alone time or having half the bed again.  Ridiculous, don’t you think?

Despite his waking in the night he remains to be the happiest kid on the planet.  He even survived an entire church service in Papaw and Mamaw’s laps today barely making a peep.

I thought he was sound asleep the other night.
Low and behold he was actually right next to me watching Law and Order SVU over this bassinet ledge.  

E continues to adore his big cousins, but especially Brody.  Brody can make him laugh on command and Easton basically idolizes him.  We are very excited that Easton will get his chance at the big cousin gig in late October thanks to his Unkie Josh and Aunt Holly!

We head to the doctor this week for his official weight but at home he’s weighing in on this scale he barely fits on around 19 pounds and 10 ounces.  We’ll see what they say on Wednesday.  He definitely is getting heavier and that car seat with him in it is nearly impossible to carry anymore!

Easton and cousin Jack are just about 3 months apart but Easton’s gaining on him for now! 

Many have told me recently he looks like my grandpa Snider so of course I did a side by side.
Definitely some resemblance!  

Sometimes he does sleep like an angel. 
We love getting these sweet grins from his sitter during the day.  

That tongue is always out!
Had our first spit up in momma’s mouth incident.
I was going in for a kiss and now I’m a bit more cautious about that!

He’s a super good boy in the morning waiting for me to get ready.

My first Mother’s Day present from E.
Special thanks to Miss Jenny for the perfect creation!

We grocery shop like this when the list is really long.
He likes it but it’s a little awkward when he calls everyone he sees “da da”

His first package from Uncle Dave and Aunt Weezy.
Too bad they still don’t know his name!

We love our visits with Great Grandma. 

Daddy got his new swing hung up and he gets very sleepy when we swing. 

Being outside is his favorite!
Bath time is his favorite and daddy gives the best baths.
They laugh and sing and he’s loving the ducky tub.
Now he can sit up like a boss and play with toys!

I still am amazed every single day that God chose me to be this boy’s momma.  I look it him and can’t help but wonder he we were the lucky ones to have the cutest baby in the world.

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