Big moments means a little bit of heartache

There are a lot of BIG life moments about to happen.

Easton’s turning 1.
Krista turns 40.
We move into our own home.
Mom’s been gone for 15 years
Brody turns 6

Do you know what that means for me?

A huge feeling of loss.

What should be some of the happiest times turns into the saddest….when I let it.

I try and stay positive and remember she’s with me and she’s proud and she gets to see it all.

But, I miss her.
I wish she was here to help me through it.  I wish she was here to help me put on the parties and make the food and help me decorate.

I’m so thankful for my helpful team.  My sister.  My best friends . My aunts.  I’m so blessed to share these moments with them.

My sweet husband loves and cares for me so much through these times.  When I cry and tell him I just miss my mom.  He does the best he can and just says, “I know.”  If I’m driving him crazy he doesn’t let it on one bit.

The holidays are tough when you miss someone so much.

Trick or Treat!

Easton’s 1st Halloween!
Of course like all things with parenthood it didn’t quite go as perfectly planned. 
Found an adorable fluffy squishy wolf costume. 
He was terrified. 
We tried it multiple times over the course of October with no luck. 
So, 10 days before Halloween momma orders this cute astronaut costume. 
And because I (momma) firmly believe in family costumes for as long as everyone will play my little game we made daddy “Houston” because “Houston, we have a problem” and mommy “Milkyway” because …..well….you know.  
We had fun with our cousins trick or treating Saturday afternoon in on Main Street. 

Visiting Aunt Cathy

Of course Brody can’t take a normal picture….goof ball!

Visiting Papaw in the fields

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa S

 Then on Sunday we decided to carve a pumpkin and see what the guts felt like. 
He was quite disgusted. 

Early this morning we got him dressed for Mrs. Jenny’s Halloween party and at 6:30 am he was less than thrilled about being dressed up.  

After playing with his friends all day we made a few stops for Halloween. 
Visited Great Great Aunt Mary

And Mamaw

And some more fun at Aunt Cathy’s with her beautiful backdrops…

So tired of getting in and out of his carseat…

Last stop to see if we could convince Gentry to come out and see cousin Colton. 
He was terrified of Colton…

And Gentry stayed in….but we got to see Aunt Holly!

We love the crafts he makes with Mrs. Jenny!


11 months

Our baby will soon be one…..and I’ll just be over here crying because when everyone told us “it goes by so quickly” they seriously weren’t lying.  Didn’t we just bring him home from the hospital?  Didn’t I just cry nonstop because I had no clue how I was going to live with a baby?

I think I’ve got things figured out….for now.  It’s a day to day thing.

Each day is blessing, we know, and we soak up every single moment we have with him.  In the last month I was so lucky to have two whole weeks off to make incredible memories with our little sweetheart and daddy’s work has slowed down a bit so he could enjoy a day or two with us two.

He really has no idea how happy he makes us and I thank God each and every day for blessing us with such a good baby and such a sweet husband and father to him.  He has no idea how in love we are with every move he makes, rotten and evil included.  And there are starting to be more ornery moves than ever before so look out world!

In the last month …….

we got to watch lots of our cousins soccer games
attend his first Luebkeman and Plank family reunions
watch another cousin’s football games
look at many of houses with mommy and daddy searching for the perfect one to call our new home
celebrate cousin Tracy’s 40th birthday and surprise him
celebrate our cousin, Katie, and her little princess who we can’t wait to meet

He’s started to be a little picky on food and over Fall Break he preferred baby food over table food.  He’d much rather have a roll or a muffin than fruits or veggies and I know exactly where he gets that from!  He loves grilled cheese and whatever is on our plate and not his.  He’s constantly on the move and loves to be doing whatever he shouldn’t be doing.

He’s not taking any steps yet, but I think it will be any day now.  When he was with his cousins he attempted a step and nose dived and hasn’t tried since.  It kind of caught us all by surprise.

He loves his new tent and tunnel and riding his tractor around the living room.  He’s saying “Dada” and screams it often.  He cries “momma” when he’s sad or upset.  He makes the “ba” sound for dog and ball and I’m looking forward to hearing him say more.  He still says “I” a lot and usually points to the nose even though we are working on eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.  He still has his 8 teeth and has been playing with his tongue a lot lately (and trying to pull the dog’s tongue) which makes me wonder if those back teeth might be starting to come in.  

He loves to read books and his favorites are the ones with flaps or noise.  He even got to take his favorite books into Mrs. Jenny’s one day and share with his friends!

We enjoyed Fall Break together and went to…..Hobby Lobby, Tuttle’s, The Children’s Museum, Piney Acres, Kiki’s school playground, Riley Days, Papaw’s retirement party, Edinburg Outlets, Quack Daddy Donuts, Tuttle’s again, tractor rides with Papaw, Newport Aquarium, IKE, The Children’s Museum again, and lastly Zoo Boo.  We were BUSY!

I love making memories and making every second count with this little boy.  He has every bit of my heart that his daddy didn’t already have.  He’s growing so much and he amazes me each day.


My first Luebkeman family reunion!
Me and my cousin Ryan

Mom thinks it’s so cute how I sleep with my arms tucked and my legs crossed.  

Me and my buddies at the sitters. 

Me and my girlfriend, Gracie

Watching Colton play some football!

New coats from Mamaw!  She loves to shop for me!

One of my favorite spots in the house is the pillows!
Fall Break begins!  Swinging at Tuttle’s!

I love to stand on the pew and watch daddy outside.  

Messy food makes mommy nauseous.  

My first time at The Children’s Museum!

We met my friends!

My first time at Bonicci’s too!

My first time at the dog park, taking a walk, and feeding the ducks with my cousins.  

Pumpkin Patch with Daddy at Piney Acres!

We finally made it to a Fortville Cruise In too and checked out the cool cars.  

Playing at Kiki’s playground with my cousins!

The Riley Day’s Flower Parade

A donut date with Aunt Amanda and her kids!

My first time riding in a tractor with Papaw

Here’s what happens when I don’t nap because my cousins are around and I can’t stop….

My first trip to IKEA

Newport Aquarium was awesome because we had daddy and I LOVE fish!

Another trip to the Children’s Museum with friends!

Of course momma had to take the nice warm October night and ruin it by painting my butt…and Gracie’s too.  

We had fun though!

Zoo Boo!

Our original costume….the cute little wolf….fell through because I threw a huge fit and refused to wear it.
Meg’s pumpkin for the win! 

First morning back to Mrs. Jenny was rough and I sobbed and didn’t want mom to leave but pancakes solved all my problems.  

I love these girls!

My Papaw finally retired after 40 years at Fortville Tire Center

 It’s hard to believe he’s 23.5 pounds and 11 months old.
I wish I could stop time, but then we wouldn’t get to watch him grow.
He’s a funny boy with a snuggly warm heart and I just know he’ll move mountains and make us proud.

We love you more than ice cream Easton Wayne……and that’s a lot!

Didi’s Latest Photos

Our Didi.  She’s the greatest.

Not just because she’s a super talented photographer and captures anyone perfectly, but also because she’s kind, caring, compassionate, giving, selfless, loving, and all around basically the greatest 23 year old you’ll ever meet.

Not too long ago she took Easton’s 9 month photos and I totally spaced sharing them with all of you.  They’re perfect.
He’s perfect.
She’s perfect.

Fall Break Bucket List

Fall Break.

Two weeks of beautiful weather (cross your fingers) and time spent with my sweet baby boy (and husband….Harvest dependent)

Let’s see what kind of memories can be made.

Our Mine Fall Break Bucket List 2016

**As I started to make this list I realized it was way too stressful to try and accomplish all of this in two weeks.  So, we’ll shoot to knock most of it out and what we can’t get done maybe we can accomplish on the weekends in October and November.

  1. Tuttle’s Orchard – It’s local and it’s a fall must do.  Corn maze, the new Tractor Town, picking apples, an apple slushie, and a little wagon ride through the orchard.  
  2. Children’s Museum PlayScape – A playdate with Easton’s daycare friends is already scheduled!
  3. Piney Acre Farms – Another local must.  We love to buy our Christmas tree here!  I want to check out what they have to offer for fall fun, too!
  4. ZooBoo – I can finally go and dress up a little one of my own!
  5. Kelsay Farms in Whiteland – We’ve never been and why not….children under 2 are free!  Might as well check out what they have to offer.  
  6. Naps – We must nap together.  He will only be so little for long and I gotta soak up all the naps I can get with him.  
  7. Carve a pumpkin, put the baby in it, and take a picture. Of course, let E play with the pumpkin goo and make a major mess.  
  8. Paint the babes butt like a pumpkin and take a picture.  It’s cute and I can only do these things to him for so long before he’ll have a say and won’t let me.  
  9. Quack Daddy Donuts – Donut date and meet friends for delicious, warm donuts and cold milk. 
  10. Riley Days – Fall Break finally falls on the same weekend as Riley Days…perfect!
  11. Edinburgh – A trip to the outlet mall for a little bit of shopping. 
  12. Brown County – This one might be a stretch and probably wouldn’t be all that much fun with the little one, but I haven’t been in a few years and I sure would like to.  Might have to save it for when the leaves turn. 
  13. Newport Aquarium – E is loving fish tanks right now.  I’m hoping we can take an overnight trip (or a day trip) to see the big tanks
What are other things that must be on our Fall list? 
Today we got to celebrate another cousin and friend and finally some pink and purple in our lives!  Can’t wait to meet Katie’s little princess in November.  

10 months

Our sweet boy is already 10 months.  
And the photo sessions are growing more and more difficult each time!  Imagine that!

He’s never before touched the “monthly” stickers and this time he did not want that thing on him at all.  

Nor did he want his photo with the lamb. 

Nor did he want that chalkboard sitting in front of him…

This time I wanted some photos with his new rocking chair that Papaw refurbished for him .

In this last month you’ve learned so much!

You’re growing and making your momma’s heart break and her ovaries ache for another one.

In the last month Easton has….

had some issues with biting, particularly his momma. When I figured out he had 3 teeth coming in one the same day I felt a little sorry for him. Thanks for sharing the pain.
made it a little difficult to nurse.  The biting and the latch with the new teeth have made me second guess or wonder how in the heck I’m going to make it a year with this.  But just like always, we kept going.  Currently the #1 question is “So…how long are you going to do that?”  “That” being nursing.  Some people I respond, at least 4-5 years just to see their reaction.  Most get the truth – at least a year and after that he and I will discuss things.  🙂
had a snotty nose a lot.  A lot.  Teething, cold, whatever it may be.  
Chapped cheeks….from the snot? 
been using his sippy cup much better and we even upgraded to a bigger sippy cup. 
He’s even become an independent stubborn butthead at times and won’t let anyone help him hold it. Not cool, man.  You always need your momma.  Always.  
had really smelly poo…..solid foods = let’s get potty trained quick so you can take care of this yourself, sir. 
8 teeth by September 11th and the last 3 popped through really fast…like within the same day
had his first trip to the Kids Express Clinic (Minute Clinic for Kids) after a night of wheezing and barking cough and no sleep for us. The diagnoses was croup and a steroid.  
4 days later another all nighter with inconsolable screaming and crying.  Went back to the doctor and within just those few days his ear became badly infected and went on an antibiotic.  
The worst feeling in the world was seeing your baby scream inconsolably and not even being able to comfort with nursing.  Not knowing what was wrong with him made me ill. Awful.  
developed a new love for the stairs….thanks to Aunt Cathy. 
a fondness for kissing.  Open mouth kisses.  Juicy kisses.  We are working on blowing kisses.  
He points to everything.  Especially that large buck mounted on Unkie Josh’s wall.  That thing really blew his mind.

a love for knocking anything and everything over and constantly diving over things giving me a heartache.  I even asked the Dr. at his 9 month check up – Is it normal for him to be suicidal?  To which she replied…yes, until he’s at least 4 or 5.  Yikes.

the crawl down….and he can go fast.  He can go particularly fast when you say “no” or his name.  As soon as he knows you’re headed after him he’s like lightning fast.

learned to make sounds with his finger and lips and even the Indian sound with his whole hand and mouth.  His new tricks are fun to show off.

the clap down.  He claps all the time.  And if you don’t clap with him he will give you a dirty look, try again, and basically make you want to clap with him because he’s so damn cute you just can’t resist.  
every girl wrapped around his finger.  He’s a big flirt.  Waitresses love him.  It actually works out nicely because he tends to make a huge mess at restaurants but they’ve already fallen in love so it doesn’t really matter.  
learned the game of Peek-a-Boo. 
We play a lot of, “Where’s Easton?”
“There he is!”
Even in the car with his blankie back and forth over his head. 
still had a love for books, particularly the ones with flaps, parts that move, or things he can feel and touch.  He’s basically gifted.  Right? 
started getting out all the toys in the living room even though he still enjoys the good ole TV remote.  At Mrs. Jenny’s he really loves the kitchen and play food so momma’s going to get him a new kitchen for his birthday.  Shhhh!
He weighed in at home at 22 lbs. 14 oz. so he’s been sitting at that 22 range for a few months.  Major movement all day long has him starting to thing out. 
Don’t worry, I plan on feeding him butter sticks to keep the wrist and thigh rolls going for as long as I possibly can.  
Our month in pictures….
Mikala’s College Goodbye Dinner

and Papaw’s Birthday dinner

Papaw refurbished this awesome rocking chair just for Easton!

Easton’s 1st Tornado Warning….we hid in the bathroom for at least a half hour…with the dog.
It wasn’t real enjoyable but we made the best we could out of it!

I need him to rest his hand right there and keep his arm chubby like this forever.  

First time Peppa watcher.
Definitely, a fan.
Daniel Tiger ranks higher currently.
Don’t tell our Dr. – no screen time til he’s two. 

LOVES his cousins. 

All the Waynes

Labor Day – Last swim!

Reading with his Colton

Spaghetti night was gross.  Really gross.
Definitely a bath night. 

Still loving his swing. 

His Chey got engaged!  He was mesmerized by the ring!
She appeased me and wore the sash I got her for a pic.  

After sitter playdate with cousin Josie!

Oh, these buns!

A sick day at home with momma

Kisses for the highly annoyed dog.  

Watching Colton play football!
I’ll just take the whole chicken finger, thanks ma.  

The kid dresses better than me. 

Cousin tower at the Plank family reunion!

Tormenting the dog

So tired he can’t even change into his pj’s. 

 Happy 10 months of life little buddy….
I know…I can’t believe it’s been that long either!

9 months

Dear little one,

You’ve been in this world for as long as you were cooking inside.  I look at you each day and I still can’t believe you’re mine.  We created this beautiful child.  We created you and your smile is the greatest blessing each and every day.

In the last month you’ve grown so much.

I really wish you would stop growing.  I can already imagine how difficult it will be to see you off to college.  As so many friends pack their children up and move them away I can’t help but wonder where you’ll go and what friends you’ll meet.  I can imagine coming to see you occasionally for a Saturday lunch where I treat you to a shopping spree at Walmart for all the college essentials.  I have so many dreams and hopes all for you.

You’re such a good eater and you love any food that is given but you definitely prefer to feed yourself.  You’ve been crawling everywhere and into everything and started cruising last week around furniture.  I’m guessing walking isn’t too far away…..which makes me pretty sad.  We keep moving things around but you still seem to want electrical sockets, coasters, and the TV remote to play with.  Screw the tons of expensive toys your loved ones purchased you.  Can we return that stuff?

When I tell you “no” you laugh hysterically and when I take something away that you want you scream like a crazy person.  I feel like we’ve already created a monster.  Everyone always compliments us on how wonderful a baby you are but they haven’t seen you laugh when you’re told “no” or scream when I take the TV remote away from you.  We keep that part of you hidden.

Your favorite toys are your tractors because you love to watch them roll and anything you can slide around all over the living room.

Your latest trick is shaking your head no and “singing” or mocking momma’s singing.  It’s pretty cute.  Minus the “no” part.

You do seem slightly suicidal lately.  You’ve started leaping and diving off of furniture and chairs.  I don’t think you understand the consequences, but I feel like it’s a really good thing daddy has good insurance for us because, at this rate,  you’re well on your way to some staples or stitches of some sort within the next 10 years of your life.

You love to go to Ms. Jenny’s each morning but just to break my heart you have occasionally shed a few tears to remind me you love me and you never want to be apart.  The feelings are mutual buddy, I promise.  If momma could stay home with you each and every day, I would.  Even if it did mean that I went crazy because of it.   BUT, Mrs. Jenny is basically the greatest gift to us and you love your friends there so it’s good to see you go and happy and playing when I pick you up each day.

You got so much better at picking up food.  At this point you truly desire feeding yourself over being fed and you let us know that you’re done by sweeping off the highchair to the floor.  Shiloh appreciates that.

Ms. Jenny has introduced you to so many foods each day and I just follow her lead.  So far there isn’t a food you haven’t liked.  You have a serious fondness for meat and potatoes, imagine that!  Ms. Jenny decided it might be time for more table food when you started stealing your friends foods at the table.  You’re going to get kicked out of daycare!

On August 3rd you started sleeping through the night.  I think it helps a lot that Ms. Jenny keeps you busy all day with your friends and has you on a great nap schedule.  She is truly the best thing ever!

On August 4th we found your front right tooth and you started pulling up on things.  It was a big day for this momma and my first week back to school.  Talk about stressful!

On August 5th your front left tooth popped through and you spiked a fever that had me FREAKED out.

Here’s our last month in pictures…

We soaked up the last week of summer with our favorites and the pool.

Your favorite person in the world is still BoBo (Brody) and just might always be.
Your face literally lights up when you hear BoBo’s voice or sees him!

I spent the last few days of our summer together making crockpot baby food recipes for you to enjoy. 
The only thing I think you really dislike is avocado, but I’m going to get making you try it because it’s a health fat and momma loves it!

Your hair is growing because I look at this picture (below) and it looks like fuzz on your head and nos you have longer hair!
When I took this picture you were loving scrambled eggs. 
There really isn’t a food you haven’t liked, yet.  
Hence the rolls on your lovely chunky thighs.  

Your little grin is because you were probably picking on your girlfriend, Gracie. 
She puts up with you for so long and then always gets you back. 
You two love to pull hair and be mean to each other but someday I know you’ll be in love!

One of the Father’s Day gifts we got daddy says it all….you do have more hair! 

So much love for your BoBo.  

Papaw Plank built you a baby gate to help keep your corralled in the living room. 
You monitored the situation and helped the men get the job done.   

This was our first morning back to the grind. 
We were both ready on time and even smiling on our way out the door. 
Things changed of course, when the actual drop off took place.  
I cried….you were upset too….but you quickly got over it. 
I didn’t….
July 29th was your first day at Mrs. Jenny’s for the 2016-2017 school year!

Mommy loves her for so many reasons, but ultimately because we know you are safe and loved when you are with her.  

Some days Shiloh loves you….
Most days she does not. 

More baby food by momma!
Hanging with your buddies at daycare – Zach and Elliott!

Momma takes every afternoon snuggle she can possibly get these days.
The days are numbered on snuggling I’m sure. 

We are always grateful when daddy is home. 

Of course we spent time putting away sweet corn with Mamaw and Papaw. 
You loved the fresh sweet corn but slept most of the afternoon during the hard work. 

We took a trip to the Indiana State Fair. 
Of course we took advantage of the amazing lactation room facilities they provided.  
We both enjoyed the air conditioning and free water.  

Your first time to see the cheese sculpture! 

Cousin Shai showed us all her projects. 

The fair really wore you out…..

We thought you were running a fever from teething and mommy freaked at the whole idea of a fever.  
Turns out the dr said you have a virus and you stayed home from daycare for a day. 
And when you returned I got a call because you puked and we snuggled for an afternoon to get rid of all the germs and feel better.  

We had Aunt Holly’s baby shower for Cousin Gentry! 
You and Gentry will probably be the best of buds….only 11 months apart. 

And dinner with Uncle Terry and Aunt Pat after the baby shower too!

You’re the happiest guy in the mornings. 
Thank goodness. 
Because mommy hardly ever is.  

We visited cousin Jeremy’s big shop to help out with the Kammy’s Kause Ride. 
You really liked Jeremy and his cool hat. 

Of course he tried to teach you bad things, like his love for flipping off the camera.  

Probably the biggest deal of all……you were baptized!
and even better….so was daddy! 

 Our little monthly photo shoots are near impossible now that you’re all over the place!
We head to the doctor tomorrow and will have your most up to date measurements.  I feel like you’ve lost weight because you won’t stop moving, but I guess we will find out!

I love you more than dessert Mr. Easton….and that is a lot of love. 

8 months

My sweet baby boy  is quickly becoming a big boy and I can’t believe how fast 8 months has passed us by. 
We had so many more adventures this month! Summer is absolutely incredible. 
He experienced his first ever County Fair. 
I’m not sure he’s 100% in love just yet because it totally jacked up his napping and bedtime, but I know by next year he will be a County Fair Fan just like his momma. 
He enjoyed his first fair milkshake and nibbles of sweet corn. He still prefers the boob and puréed baby food. 
He screams and squeals and has started to throw little tantrums. He’s a little bit rotten and maybe will have an attitude. Don’t know where he gets that! Ha!
He’s taking 2-3 naps a day depending on when he wakes up. Next week will be rough when we have to be out the door by 6:30 am again. Ugh. Not looking forward to that part. 
We eventually did he whole cry it out thing. We were not blessed with a great sleeper. He rarely sleeps 8-7. Most of the time he’s up 2-3 times a night but we are trying hard to let him cry. Teething has made me a little more compassionate. L

We’ve enjoyed our friends and our pool all summer long. 
We’ve spent many days on the deck and in the water!

At the County Fair he participated in his first ever Baby Contest. He went for Happiest Baby and Best Costume and only came home with a participants ribbon which I found to be a crock of sh** but whatever. 

He was at his first ever Church at the Fair. 

He took naps at the show arena while momma watched. 

And we spent most afternoons at Aunt Kiki’s house to take a nap. He loves her fuzzy blanket and curling up naked on the floor to relax. 

And the best was seeing our friend Zach at the fair! He and Zach are best buddies at Mrs. Jenny’s and they were so happy to be reunited. 

We took a quick trip to Aldi’s for some canned food for the food drive and E really loved sitting like a big boy in the cart with Brody Boy. 

Then Aunt Kiki started not feeling so great from her dang kidney stones (finally gone) and E got to spend LOTS of time with his cousins. They stayed the night and took baths together. He loved every minute of having them over. 

We celebrated the 4th of July by watching fireworks in Fortville and then fireworks from Aunt Cathy’s back porch. 

Sometimes momma takes him to the grocery when he is a little bit tired. So this finally happened….

Momma allowed his first ride on the lower ONLY because the blades weren’t on and daddy was just transporting some stuff. 
Still made me nervous. 
E loved it, of course. 

We took our first trip to the Zoo with cousins and aunts!
He loved the fish and sharks and penguins but fell asleep during the dolphin show. 

He also loved the carousel ride. 

The orangutan loved him. 

We read books everyday and he’s starting to really love tearing them apart. Of course he teacher in me wants to freak the heck out. 

On July 9th he started crawling. 
He has a million toys and all he wants are glass candles and the cords. Go figure. 

He love Shiloh even more. 
She’s still tolerating him. 

Aunt Cathy said he reminded her Of me. Of course I see it but most of the time we hear how much he looks like daddy. He’s a great combination!

Still loving bath time. 

And our first trip to the lake! 
Our annual family boat trip to Lake Monroe. He really wanted to be in the water and once Mommy’s fears subsided we tried it but you hated the life jacket so it was a no go. 

We celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary with a family date night. 
Izakaya was entertaining for E. 

He was a little nervous about the fire. 

Daddy found a matching shirt. 

We had a date day with Brody. Splashpark and Taco Bell. I swear E could watch him play all day long. He just loves him so much!

Before he turned 8 months and those too teeth came in I really wanted a tooth pic. I’d been trying to get one all month long with no luck. I wrestled him to the ground. It began with laughter and ended with tears. 

His little
Monthly photo shoots are becoming increasingly difficult. 
But this boy has made me the happiest momma in the world. Every day I look at him and can’t imagine what life was like before he came along. 
Truly blessed. 

Shout Out

Everyone’s journey through motherhood is different.

For me, personally, I knew the moment I was pregnant I wanted to breastfeed and the moment he was born I was like “damn, this is going to be harder than I thought.”
I read every book. 
I researched. 
This baby was suppose to latch on and we were suppose to be best of friends. 
For me, it didn’t work that way.
My goal quickly went from “no less than a year” to “let’s attempt to make it 6 weeks.”
Without the help of my very supportive husband, family, and friends we most certainly wouldn’t be here today. Over 7 months going strong….definitely a champ now. He loves it. I love it. I’m not sure I’ll even be ready to stop when he’s one. So we may not.  I’ll take his lead… It has seriously been one of the greatest blessings of motherhood. 
Easton should probably be the one to thank them but considering his vocab consists of “dada” and violent screaming with clenched hands and endless babble…I’ll take care of it. 
A few people to thank:
1. First and foremost, My husband. You kept me going in the endless hours of night. You used that little syringe of sugar water in our first few days home for every nursing session and helped him get latched on when he was lazy and didn’t want to open up. You drove me to endless weight check appointments and let me sit in the back with E. You let me cry….a lot. You stopped at Starbucks and Jack’s Donuts because you knew it would make me smile. You rubbed my back in the wee hours of the morning while I nursed sitting up in bed barely staying awake. You wiped my tears away when all I wanted was my mom and you knew my heart was broken but that I was strong enough to be a mom without her. You told me it was okay when it got dark out.  You actually told me, “This is going to happen every night babe.”  I cried and you sat right next to me and watched our boy nurse.  You even sat with me on Thanksgiving day in a back bedroom at my dad’s and helped him latch on.  You were there every single step of the way and I’m fairly certain that if you could have jumped in and nursed him to help me out, you would have.  You did eveyrthing, but that.  I could never thank you enough for being one of my biggest cheerleaders.  I know you’re thankful because we’ve saved lots of money, and I also know it’s been hard on you to not have the same bond, but your support means the world.  You know it is what is best so if that’s meant several sacrifices on your part….you’ve done that.

2. My friend, Melissa.  Joy.  Lissa.  Bad Ass Breastfeeding Mom.  She’s a nursing champ and I was fortunate enough that not only did she live right around the corner, but she also was nursing kid #3 who so happens to be Easton’s future wife, Gracie.  We have babies practically the same age and are constantly battling the same issues, minus breastfeeding.  Gracie was a pro from day one, and that didn’t get me down, it was actually an inspiration.  I knew that Easton just needed a bit more practice and DUH….all babies are different.  Melissa went to Target to buy me nipple shields.  She went with me night #2 of being home to breastfeeding group and she continued to go with me almost every Monday and Wednesday.  She knew I needed a friend to go with me and Gracie and Easton quickly became best buds hanging out on boobs.  Melissa has been my constant go to gal for everything breastfeeding….and more (teething, diaper rash, penis issues, etc.).  She’s a momma genius.  She always knows the right thing to say and gets how I’m feeling.  One thing I love about Joy the most is that she understands my sadness over the loss of my mom and although she can’t relate she recognizes that void I have.  She gives credit to it and sometimes that is all I need.  I’ve known her since grade school and back then I had no idea she’d mean this much to me.  I’m so glad our paths crossed again and we are great friend…..boob buddies…..and some day co-mother-in-laws.

3. Lastly, my cousin Sam.  Sammy Jo.  I could text her at any time and she had the answer.  We’ve never lived close enough but we could still tackle the world’s problems together if we needed to.  I remember texting her some issues and she instantly knew I had mastitis coming on.  She told me exactly what to do and thank GOODNESS I listened to her and she knew what she was talking about because within hours I was feeling so much better.  That was the worst “boob flu” I had ever experienced and I did whatever I could to avoid having that again.  She was an inspiration to me and I knew she’d help me meet my goal if I needed her to.

To my sister, Meg, Michelle, and everyone else who told me I could do it.  Thank you.  To those who told me I didn’t have to do it if it was too difficult.  Thank you.  I needed to hear it all.  You were there and our little chunky monkey thanks you.

Tomorrow we are 8 months strong little buddy.  I’m so glad God chose me to be your momma!

7 months

Another month has passed before us. 
It doesn’t even seem real that this little man has been in our lives for 7 months. 
7 whole months. 
Lots has happened in his life in the last month…
2 teeth (thank God they are finally in)
June 6th he got his first tooth on the right and June 13th the second popped through. 
started waving hi on June 10th…not a pro yet but getting there. 
almost 2 more pounds
Trying lots of new food – baby food, alfredo sauce, ranch dip, an oreo, a lemon
He loves everything he can get in his mouth but not so much on pureed peaches. 
He loves puffs and num-num’s
Loves the sippy cup and occasionally gets a little apple juice in with some water. 
Sleeping in his own room in his big boy crib. 
Not sleeping perfectly, but this too shall pass.  Right? 
Loving all his cousin time.  The days are long when it’s just the two of us and we don’t get to see them!

He would prefer to sleep in our bed and nap there too but I try not to allow that too much.
It’s so hard when all I want to do is snuggle!

His first visit to Mamaw Debbie’s grave. 

The big move from bassinet to crib.  

His 6 month doctor checkup!

His first attempt at baby food.
He wasn’t so sure about the oatmeal cereal but didn’t mind it as much with applesauce mixed in.  

Loving Shiloh even more and her loving him even less. 

His first Indy 500 Parade…a family tradition!

It’s finally swimsuit season and thank goodness for his amazing body and cool sunglasses from Mamaw to show off.

Sometimes first bites of new foods were a little scary…

Swinging outside is always a favorite and makes him very sleepy after a while. 

Advertising for #theduderag

Sitting up like a big boy on shopping trips is his favorite now!

Always loving his big cousin Brody. 

Celebrating Father’s Day with Papaw and family.
Papaw even fed him prunes!

and then he passed out…

A playdate with Jack

….and lots of playdates with Gracie now that Momma’s on summer break!


Naps with Aunt Cathy

He wasn’t so sure about the pool about first but quickly became a fan. 

He loved teaching Colton all about the ways of being a great big brother and helping with diaper duty. 

Slowly attempting this whole crawling thing but has only mastered scooting backwards and turning in circles. 

More visits with Great Grandma. 

Starting to look like a big boy and breaking his mother’s heart. 

Playtime in the evening with daddy. 

This boy has stolen my heart.
I never thought I could love someone as much as I love his daddy, but apparently I was wrong!
Now I head back to his room for his 3rd attempt at rocking this afternoon nap. 
He continues to be a nap fighter for his momma. 
I think he’s afraid he’s going to miss something. 
Don’t know where he gets that from?!