In one year….

In one year I have watched my best friend go from my partner in crime to world’s greatest mother. 

Her arrival

In one year I have watched one of my favorite couples go from ex-roomates and newlyweds to incredible parents devoting all their time and energy into this little life.

2 months old!

In one year I have watched this tiny gift from God turn into her momma’s world.  Her daddy’s world.  Her Mam and Pap’s world.  Her aunt and uncles world.  Everyone she is around lights up with a smile. 

It’s really no surprise to me that she can fill a room with laughter the way she does.  Her family has always done the same for me.  Laughter.  Joy.  Just plain good hearted people.

Always smiling!

I’ve really enjoyed watching my friend become the mother she is today.  I look forward to learning from her when I become one of my own someday. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are things I miss….like our late nights country line dancing, tailgating before concerts and barely making it in, pool days and naps on big green, or just plain shopping for no good reason.

BUT for all those things I miss somehow that little baby makes up for it….and then some.  She has made this whole “growing up” business something to look forward to.  Something to dream about.  Something to smile about.  Something to be thankful for…… a year of wonderful memories and giggles with one of the happiest babies I know.  Happy 1 Year WD!

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